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Second-hand cars can prove costly

Buying used cars can be tricky, readers say. Pawan Singh / The National
Buying used cars can be tricky, readers say. Pawan Singh / The National

In reference to your news report, Second-hand car buyers in UAE duped by dishonest sellers (July 9), I sold two of my cars directly without the help of used-car dealers. I took the cars to the official dealership for a test, submitted an honest report and got it sold. There were no problems for the buyer. The dealers tried to buy them at a very cheap price. I would never trust them.

Wiltrud Matthes, Dubai

I almost bought a BMW X6 a few weeks ago. The seller said it had run 110,000 kilometres, but when I checked through the agency, I found that the car was last serviced in 2013 and that it had already covered 130,000 km by that time.

Tarek Omar, Abu Dhabi

I find it risky to buy cars from these second-hand car dealers. I have heard many stories about how some of them tinker with the parts and dupe customers. If I ever buy a second-hand car, I would buy it from a reputable dealer, such as Al Futtaim.

Shahid Pervez, Dubai

Rubbernecking often causes more accidents

There is nothing more irritating than to be in a traffic jam caused by rubbernecking (Abu Dhabi Police warns rubberneckers and curious pedestrians, July 8). Curious onlookers just end up causing more accidents.

Name withheld by request

Fine those who use xenon bulbs in their cars

I refer to the news item, Nine drivers fined in Dubai for having unbuckled backseat passengers (July 9). There should be a fine for those who put xenon bulbs in their car headlights. They are blinding everyone on the road.

Adnan Ghosheh, Dubai

I am happy to hear this. However, I think those who do not buckle up should be fined more – about Dh5,000.

Patrick Dzbuk, Dubai

Nine drivers' fines in three days is negligible.

Suzanne Arruda-Wessel, Dubai

Updated: July 10, 2017 03:05 PM