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School teachers everywhere deserve better salaries

Our readers have their say on teachers and the new budget for Dubai

The government wants to see more Emiratis teaching in private schools. Fatima Al Marzooqi / The National
The government wants to see more Emiratis teaching in private schools. Fatima Al Marzooqi / The National

In reference to Salam Al Amir’s report Sharjah to boost private school salaries for Emiratis to Dh25,000 (December 29): school teachers deserve a high salary as they are the ones who educate the next generation. They have a most important role in society.

Timea Maria Karlik, Abu Dhabi

Great going. This will go a long way to boost the morale of teachers.

Prakash Kumar Singh, Dubai

Anyone who thinks a high school teacher should receive a higher salary than a kindergarten teacher knows nothing about the importance of quality instruction for our youngest learners.

Without a solid foundation, a child’s future may be in jeopardy. The UAE needs to hire the best individuals and pay educators salaries commensurate with their credentials and experience.

The potential of having a highly-educated population in regular classes and the trades is a thrilling prospect for me.

This nation deserves such rewards.

Polly Palmer, Sharjah

I have worked in the UAE for six years and make exactly what I did when I arrived. Furthermore, I have no problem with that because I knew my salary when I started.

With that said, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m all for everyone receiving a fair salary, regardless of where they are from. Some might believe that 25k is not a lot of money but that is not true.

In the US, for example, most Americans can’t afford groceries or housing due to taxes, medical insurance, and other things that are deducted from their salary before they even see it. That is why I am in the UAE to begin with.

Tina Harness, Abu Dhabi

School salaries are in line with the school fees. Higher end schools pay higher salaries. Schools with very low fees pay very low salaries.

Lynn Nolan, Dubai

If that salary of Dh25k is all inclusive, it doesn’t compare to private school jobs for expats. If it’s 25k plus housing and other benefits then it pays more than any other teaching job in the UAE regardless of experience.

Suzanne Arruda, Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed’s Dh196bn budget is a fantastic move

With reference to Sarmad Khan’s report Sheikh Mohammed announces Dh196bn expenditure for Dubai over three years (December 29): fantastic. This will stimulate the economy and is indicative of really smart leadership. Realising that unlike countries in Europe that tried austerity measures, this region is unique and we need to spend in order to bolster the economy. This is a great move.

Talha-Khan Aquil, Dubai

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