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Saudi Arabia could pave the way for space exploration

Our readers weigh in on Bouteflika, sponsorship rules, poor diets and snowfall in the desert

Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman launches the first Hawk trainer jet assembled locally. Saudi Press Agency
Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman launches the first Hawk trainer jet assembled locally. Saudi Press Agency

I refer to Dania Saadi’s article Saudi Crown Prince launches the country’s first locally-assembled Hawk jet (April 1). I was happy to read this good news. Saudi Arabia has the means to lead in aerospace and maybe even space exploration one day. I believe that any fighter jet currently in existence could be made in Saudi Arabia.

Name withheld by request

New sponsorship rules will improve people’s lives

I refer to your editorial New sponsorship rules will create a dynamic nation (April 2). The UAE has largely benefited from its growing expatriate population over the years and today the UAE government is giving back to them. The new sponsorship rules for expatriate family members shows the UAE’s clear intention to welcome foreign nationals and their families, provided they have the means to support them. This is a much needed reform that will have a positive impact on people’s lives.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Poor diets have devastating effects on children’s health

I write to you in reference to Anam Rizvi’s article Some Emirati infants fed unhealthy diet of fries, cakes and biscuits, study finds (April 1). As a teacher, I can attest to the fact that this statement is sadly true. I see children eating unhealthy foods daily.

It is especially detrimental to children with special needs or learning disabilities to have unhealthy eating habits, because nothing is more essential to healthy brain development than proper nutrition. I urge parents everywhere to pay close attention to their children’s diet.

Cecilia Zapata, Dubai

I see this all the time. Just a few weeks ago, in a hospital emergency room, I saw a mother feeding her son crisps, candy and cheap, sugary juice while the child was sick and waiting to consult a doctor. I know these parents do not mean their children any harm, but it is nonethless upsetting to see.

Tiffany Malnar, Dubai

Snowfall in the desert is a sign of climate change

I write to you in reference to your online video of spring snowfall in Saudi Arabia (April 1). Who would have believed that snowfall was possible in a desert climate? This video was interesting to watch, but I do not think the camels and palm trees will have enjoyed the snow. Although amusing, this phenomenon is a reminder that climate change is a real threat that we must wake up to.

Name withheld by request

President Bouteflika was a great Algerian leader

I write to you in reference to your article After a 20-year rule, Algeria’s President Bouteflika will step down by April 28 (April 2). Mr Bouteflika was such a great leader. I am saddened to see him step down in this way, but such is the will of the people. You are in my prayers, Mr President.

Boughazi Abdelmoumen, Tlemcen

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