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Safer driving is all about respecting others on the road

Our readers have their say about considerate drivers, Pakistan and the US shooting

Police lieutenant Obaid Humaid Obaid Al Zari awards certificates for safe driving in Dubai. Paulo Vecina / The National 
Police lieutenant Obaid Humaid Obaid Al Zari awards certificates for safe driving in Dubai. Paulo Vecina / The National 

With reference to your online video on driving rules (August 27), driving is all about manners. You communicate with other drivers by letting them know what you intend to do on the roads.

That is why cars have indicators; that is the way to let other drivers know what you intend doing.

I feel a lot of people who drive on the roads need to go back to driving school. Drivers need to stick to the rules and regulations. If all drivers respected one another, we would all be safe on the roads.

Evon Rawlings, Dubai

The problem is the obnoxious driver behind you in the heavily tinted tank who cannot be bothered to wait while you safely pass cars to your immediate right. These people make the roads far less safe and create tense and stressed drivers unnecessarily.

Rick Hood, Abu Dhabi

Pakistan’s new government needs to deliver on promises

With reference to your stories on the Pakistani election, there exists a certain lack of clarity in the framing of PTI’s foreign policy. The overall vision of putting Pakistan first certainly appeals to the common citizen yet it is not entirely simple or straightforward.

Historically, Pakistan’s foreign policies have always been an amalgamation of several factors ranging from demographic, in the case of Afghanistan and Kashmir, to far-reaching economic woes, as in the recent case of Chinese economic agreements.

These policies cater to the needs and necessities of the circumstances prevailing at that instant. The major foreign policy debacles during the era of general Zia-ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf were construed with the intent of putting Pakistan’s interest foremost; however, it was the unanticipated long-term effects that led to devastating repercussions.

There are certainly vast challenges ahead of the current government and framing a robust and strong foreign policy might not be at the top of the list. As promised in its election campaign, PTI’s main focus is the rejuvenation of the social and economic imbalance within the country and uplifting of common aspirations and interests.

It is the framing and implementation of policies and delivery on promises that is most essential now.

Bilal Farooq, Abu Dhabi

How many more shootings before the US takes action?

Regarding your story Police seeking motive in Florida shooting that left two dead (August 27), the recent shooting that claimed two lives and injured 11 injured in Florida at a video game tournament was terrible to read.

While the reason for this shooting is not yet known and an investigation is ongoing, in recent months there have been many incidents like this taking place in various states and yet still US authorities have not reinforced laws concerning gun licences.

It is high time the Trump administration solved this problem to stop any more casualties in the future.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Updated: August 28, 2018 09:16 PM