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Roger Federer deserves all the praise he has gathered

Readers discuss tennis, the banking scam in India, Louvre Abu Dhabi and more

Roger Federer. Scott Barbour / Getty Images
Roger Federer. Scott Barbour / Getty Images

Your editorial, Federer's drive to regain primacy is an inspiration to us all (February 17), is brilliant. Roger Federer is an inspiration to professionals in all fields, not merely in sport. You have done well to honour him. He is also a perfect gentleman on and off the tennis court. Despite his monumental achievements, he continues to be very humble and unassuming.

Raju Aneja, Dubai

We need to reconsider the cheque cases

I refer to your article Helping Hands: Indian mother left homeless in Dubai and can't afford to pay rent (February 17). Some things just make me shake my head in despair. This is a sad story all round and it is too bad her employer wasn't more compassionate.

Chika Marie, Abu Dhabi

In India, the poor struggle for credit while the rich get away with scandal

I refer to your article Indian banks face $3bn hit (February 18). Every Indian city has been agog with talk of this alleged scandal. This, if true, would qualify as the nation's greatest scam in the banking sector. It is painful. In India, the common man struggles to get a loan from the banks, is deliberately encumbered with formalities and procedures, while others get billions by exploiting connections. This is unacceptable. I hope the government will act fast.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

There are always lessons to be learnt in tragedy

In reference to your story Relatives call for justice as maid's body is returned (February 18). I have been saying for years that embassies should have yearly registration for all their overseas workers.

Aziza Al Busaidy, Dubai

It's very sad to hear about someone losing a sister, mother, daughter or a good friend. It's time to make more laws to protect them. Humanity is more valuable than anything else.

Name withheld by request

It is unfortunate that there is no institution that will check the worker's situation or will inspect the living conditions. Domestic workers need a number to call and report abuse.

Anna Mariyah, Abu Dhabi

A museum that is the envy of the world

As The National has reported so well over the years, the construction of Louvre Abu Dhabi and the implementation of its very intricate design was incredible. The fact that it met the world’s most stringent environmental and security requirements, and was built to last 100 years, makes it all the more impressive. As has been well documented and widely acknowledged, the design of the museum is certainly inspired and deserves of all its accolades. As we continue to celebrate this new wonder of the world of museums, let’s also acknowledge the equally impressive contributions of its determined and dedicated builders.

Name withheld by request

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