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Roadworks all round year round cause great inconvenience

Readers express frustration over the seemingly never-ending roadwork in Al Zahiyah. Amy Leang / The National
Readers express frustration over the seemingly never-ending roadwork in Al Zahiyah. Amy Leang / The National

Regarding the news report, Major roadworks ahead for busy Abu Dhabi area (July 12), the roads around Abu Dhabi Mall have been a mess for ages. I am glad this is finally happening.

Saif Omar Al Suwaidi, Sharjah

Ever since I came to this city about four years ago, the roads in the Tourist Club area, now known as Al Zahiyah, have been a mess. I don’t know why roadworks never seem to end in that particular area. Elsewhere in Abu Dhabi, more roads are often blocked throughout the year. I can’t understand the reason. Some apparently perfect roads are suddenly blocked and rebuilt. The same happens on flyovers, creating traffic jams. It’s extremely inconvenient.

Name withheld by request

Could our skies resemble our highways?

In reference to the report, All eyes to the sky as Dubai's flying taxi takes off for the first time (July 12), will there be systems in place to monitor how they drive or fly? Will there be speed traps? I am curious.

Sabrina Henry, Dubai

Eventually we will see private flying cars. Before introducing these vehicles, it’s necessary to ensure that the skyways do not resemble our highways. These vehicles may boost the city’s image and make us appear ultramodern, but they could bring problems if they are not properly monitored and controlled. I am concerned to think that the drivers we see everyday on the road might soon take to the skies.

Amit Mohan, Dubai

These technologies will become successful only when we develop better and long-lasting batteries.

Amanda Mills, Dubai

The world must unite against Israeli injustice

A one-state solution may be the way to achieve a lasting political solution in the Middle East.

The 1967 borders do not create a single, workable and continuous state. Imagine for a moment that a part of New York and a part of Texas belonged to another nation and they were merged to create one state. How is that workable?

Over the past 68 years since the formation of Israel, it has conducted a systematic campaign against a civilian population to drive them out of their homeland. More than 500 villages have been destroyed and over 70 per cent of the total land of Israel previously owned by Arab Palestinians has been stolen from them with the blessings of the United States.

Israel ought to respect international law and treat the Palestinians with justice. There would be no "security problem" for Israel if it did not oppress the Palestinian people.

Peace is possible only if it is based on justice and respect for international law.

Ending the cycle of systematic human rights violations perpetrated by Israel cannot be possible until the root causes of such violations are recognised and addressed.

American foreign policy and the contributions of rich American and South African Jews are prolonging the suffering and oppression of the Palestinian people.

Samaoen Osman, South Africa

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