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People need better facilities to keep themselves healthy

Readers call for more walking and jogging tracks across Abu Dhabi. Delores Johnson / The National
Readers call for more walking and jogging tracks across Abu Dhabi. Delores Johnson / The National

Your story UAE residents need to step it up and get walking (July 13) says that because the heat is unbearable at this time of year, we have an excuse not to walk outside. It’s not just the heat, it’s also because of a lack of appropriate and connected pavements. Also, in places such Khalifa City, stinky rubbish bins don't help pedestrians either.

Mariann Wiklund, Abu Dhabi

The weather is, of course, one of the reasons why people walk comparatively less here, but that’s not the only reason. The country clearly lacks facilities for physical activities. There should be more community parks, as well as walking, jogging and cycle tracks in every area. Here, development seems to only be about constructing high-rises and malls and paving smooth roads. I think it should be much more than that. Real development will happen when people have proper facilities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The government must invest heavily in that. Public health must be a crucial component of the national development agenda.

Amanda Smith, Abu Dhabi

Community service is the most effective punishment for reckless drivers

I am happy to learn that irresponsible drivers are being given stiff punishments (Reckless drivers made to sweep streets and man petrol pumps by Abu Dhabi court, July 13). I think these offenders should also do community service in areas where people have been injured or killed by these drivers.

Rjj Saraiva, Abu Dhabi

That's the best punishment. It has proved effective in other parts of the world.

Ruba Faza, Dubai

Nothing is more important for children than health

I was delighted to read about Saudi Arabia’s announcement that it will begin offering physical education for girls in public schools (Physical education for all Saudi girls under way, July 14). It is vital that societies recognise and embrace the need for physical education in schools to foster and promote healthy and active lifestyles. Maths, sciences and languages are all important, but nothing is more important than health. Well done Saudi Arabia.

Anna Maria Kocis, Dubai

What incredible news. I am glad to see the health of Saudi women being recognised and positively addressed. It is more than possible that cultural and religious expectations can be adhered to while empowering women to take care of their health.

Louise Phillips, Dubai

Updated: July 15, 2017 03:58 PM