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Patience pays off when you’re waiting for the perfect shot

Our readers have their say on a photographer's pursuit of his subject, fatal diseases, sermons from Iran, and the love of cricket

Lightning strikes the Burj Khalifa on January 10, 2020. Courtesy Zohaib Anjum
Lightning strikes the Burj Khalifa on January 10, 2020. Courtesy Zohaib Anjum

With reference to ‘I waited seven years to get the perfect picture of Burj Khalifa’ (January 15): that’s quite an achievement. It’s great that the hard work paid off for this gentleman.

Syed Kashif Hussain, Dubai

Your patience has paid off. Well done.

Peter Scott, Dubai

The goings-ons in cricket keep getting more interesting by the day

With regard to the article No panic from Virat Kohli as he leads India into winner-takes-all ODI clash against Australia (January 19): this was a good read. After India’s first loss in Mumbai against Australia, the team made up in the second match at Rajkot. All prominent players, except Shreyas Iyer, were ready to face the final in my city, Bengaluru.

The dynamics of the team keep getting more interesting with each season. Us fans watch keenly for developments in the cricket world.

And its good to see that Indian captain Virat Kohli has eradicated the panic of the first match defeat and has infused the team with confidence.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

We need more awareness of this life-threatening disease

With regard to the article Sepsis kills one in five worldwide a year, report shows (January 17): I have had it twice so I guess my odds of survival are dwindling.

The first time it almost killed me. The second time I knew what it was right away and got to the hospital in much better shape.

Beverly Newell, Dubai

It almost killed me, twice. A 20 per cent mortality rate.

Liz Beneski, Abu Dhabi

Iran needs a reality check before preaching about being careful

With regard to the report Trump warns defiant Khamenei to be ‘careful with his words’ (January 17): But you would end up slapping yourself in the face, as you did not long ago.

Clement Wise Awuni, Accra, Ghana

Shooting down that Ukrainian plane really taught us a lesson all right.

John Taylor, Dubai

Judging by the recent tragic events, they’ve slapped themselves in the face.

Adam El-Balawi, Dubai

Sad that in 2020 there are still people who listen and believe this sort of thing.

Samer Karazi, Dubai

A sermon where you call someone a clown and talk about slapping people in the face is odd.

Trina Mole, Florida

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