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Oprah for president? It’s not always a popularity contest

Readers discuss the Golden Globes, VAT, the Skype ban and the rain

There are calls for Oprah Winfrey to run for president in 2020 after her Golden Globes speech /Courtesy of NBC/ Reuters
There are calls for Oprah Winfrey to run for president in 2020 after her Golden Globes speech /Courtesy of NBC/ Reuters

Regarding your story Oprah presidential buzz goes viral but could she win in 2020? (January 8), the Democratic National Committee still hasn’t learned and will ensure Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination again. They messed up enormously with her over Bernie Sanders last time, even if it was the electoral college system that put Donald Trump in. She actually got more votes than Mr Trump but Mr Sanders would have pummelled him all the way back to reality television. It will be Mrs Clinton versus Mr Trump again and she’s still the wrong candidate.

Peter Macleod, United Kingdom

Why not? Oprah Winfrey is better qualified than the current president.

Parveen Ahmed, Bangladesh

Why would anyone want the job in the first place?

Anthony Edwards, Abu Dhabi

Getting used to VAT is proving taxing

In reference to your story Some Abu Dhabi corner shops report slower sales a week after VAT (January 8), it is confusing why VAT is not just charged to the manufacturer or importer. It will affect customers dearly as the price of food and commodities will go up.

Mohammed Farhad, Sharjah

Initially it will be difficult for low income groups as it is all basic essentials being taxed.

Sammira Mohiadeen, Dubai

Small businesses are taxing us and not always providing a bill. How can we ensure it goes to the government? The other issue is rounding up fils, which is unbelievable. If you pay one dirham for a product, the actual tax should be five fils but they take 25 fils instead.

Ghizlane Eddiba, Abu Dhabi

Phoning home is already very expensive

Referring to your story Etisalat launches new calling app days after Skype disruption (January 8), we are basically paying for apps that are free in other countries.

Clotaire Desseaux, Abu Dhabi

Etisalat is already expensive and now we have to pay for apps that are free elsewhere in the world.

Sana Sheikh, Abu Dhabi

We already pay for the internet. Why should we pay again for something that is part of the internet package in any other country?

Mostafa Ibrahim Sabry, Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed was a man of the people

Regarding your column Year of Zayed: we still have much to learn about the father of the nation’s achievements (January 8), Sheikh Zayed was surely a true leader and a man of the people. We have a lot to learn from him.

Noor Muhammed Aslam, Dubai

The winter chill has us wrapping up

Referring to your story Weather: rain in Dubai and Sharjah as temperature falls to 7C in the UAE (January 8), I had to wear a blazer today as it was seriously cold.

Juliane Moloney, Dubai

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