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On the journey of Hajj, ahead of Eid Al Adha

Readers discuss Hajj, broadband and the incident at Dubai airport

Pilgrims pray in the holy city of Mecca. Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters
Pilgrims pray in the holy city of Mecca. Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters

On the journey to Hajj, ahead of Eid Al Adha

Hajj is the fifth and last pillar of Islam. It implies therefore that we have learnt, understood and implemented the other four pillars in our everyday lives. It is part of a personal journey. Preparations for the Hajj include learning its rituals and spiritual dimensions.

Whatever you imagine the Hajj to be, it is better and bigger. The pilgrimage to Mecca is indeed one of the perennial miracles in our world. It really does not matter how you intend to perform Hajj, the journey to the House of God is demanding: it calls for expenses, time, physical endurance and spiritual alertness things not made clear in the sleek brochures given out by Hajj and Umrah organisers.

Each year more than two million people from every corner of the world come to Mecca to perform Hajj or pilgrimage. The journey lasts five days, but its planning takes a whole year. After the completion of Hajj, Muslims around the world observe a special holiday. Hajj is not only a sacred journey but the experience of a lifetime.

Samaoen Osman, Cape Town

Is our high-speed broadband quick enough for customers?

Telecom and internet rates are highly expensive and non-competitive (Big picture, August 22). We have no other option. A third operator entered the market a few months ago but they too look hopeless.

Ashwin Amin, Dubai

There are connectivity and speed issues, never mind the prices and unsatisfactory customer service of both operators. But you either take it or leave it, They are both similar.

Cecilia Zapata, Dubai

A different take on the Dubai flight lawsuit

I would sue the people who would not get off the plane and jeopardised the safety of all crew and passengers on board by using their mobiles and collecting bags instead of getting out of the plane in the shortest possible time.

Name withheld

He may have broken the law, but he is very cute

In relation to your report and video of the boy arrested for dancing in the street in Saudi Arabia (August 24), that boy is adorable. We could do with such cuteness once in a while, in these stressful times.

Shakila Mohammed, Al Ain

The boy is adorable. In my opinion, he should not have been arrested.

Christina Murphy, Dubai

Intervention is required after operation went wrong

With regards to Family of brain-damaged executive seeks damages (August 23) I sincerely hope that someone intervenes to ensure those responsible are held accountable and the family properly compensated.

Tina Saad, Al Ain

Updated: August 23, 2017 08:09 PM