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Not using seatbelts for children is pure negligence

Our readers have their say on seatbelt safety, US elections, rental payments and Etihad airline

According to a recent survey, only 27 per cent of people in the UAE buckle up in rear seats. Pawan Singh / The National
According to a recent survey, only 27 per cent of people in the UAE buckle up in rear seats. Pawan Singh / The National

With reference to your story Public awareness over seatbelt use in UAE remains stubbornly low (November 4), in six years I have never seen a single child wearing a seatbelt in the car.

Gerald Bau, UAE

I have seen the double whammy of a mother driving while using her phone and a child sitting in the middle seat in the back, not belted in. That should be considered parental negligence and come with a jail sentence.

Mary Kelly, Abu Dhabi

Despite the warnings, I still see parents allowing children to stand on the car seats or holding them on their laps in the passenger seat.

Gus Bougadis, Abu Dhabi

This leads to fatal crashes.

Darren Banner, Dubai

Will midterms give Trump a resounding vote of approval?

With reference to Arthur MacMillan’s story A town where Trump is the only politician people talk about (November 5), it was great to read your coverage from Sun City in Arizona and amazing to learn that the average lifespan of its residents is 75 years.

As your reporter mentioned, the place has gained in significance in the two years since the US’s controversial president Donald Trump was first elected. It will be intriguing to see whether the midterm polls give as much of a resounding vote for the Trump administration.

All will become apparent tomorrow, no doubt.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Tragic Charlotte’s body must be flown home soon

Regarding your online story about Charlotte Carter, the British woman who tragically died after a heart attack in a Dubai taxi (November 6), this is very sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Anne-Marie Caine, UK

Tenants should have better options when paying rent

In reference to your article Some Dubai tenants to pay rent by direct debit instead of cheque (Nov 4), yes, please drop this one or two cheque yearly rental. The economy is already difficult as it is and being forced to put up tens of thousands of dirhams in one shot to pay an entire year’s rent is an extreme notion.

Monthly or bi-monthly rental payments are much more feasible for the population. When we next move house, we will look for properties that have more flexibility in payments.

Feda Jarad, Abu Dhabi

A remarkable 15 years for a truly memorable airline

In reference to your article about the history of Etihad airline on its 15th birthday Up, up and away: the story of Etihad’s first flight (November 4), this airline is a pleasure to fly on, clean and the flight staff are excellent. It’s just a pity they have stopped flying from Edinburgh to Abu Dhabi. I have enjoyed my many flights on this route.

John Gallacher, Scotland

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