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Mugabe years raise more questions than answers

Readers discuss divorce, museums, Zimbabwe and electric cars

Harare on Wednesday. AP
Harare on Wednesday. AP

I write in reference to Sholto Byrnes’s opinion piece Why was Mugabe tolerated for so long? (November 22). That is a great question. The international community always seems willing to pump money in as foreign aid to places where the government does not properly represent its people.

Name withheld by request

Young married couples need advice not divorce courts

Divorce rates are increasing, not only in the UAE, but all around the world (One in three Abu Dhabi couples divorce after year of marriage, November 21). The main reasons for this are ego, lack of understanding, not giving equal respect to each other and, above all, jealousy.

Even though many couples are very well educated, still divorce cases are increasing every year and this is upsetting. Some couples have got divorced because of the husband’s habits or abuse.

To over come all these complications, counselling may help. If a couple is guided properly on how to adjust to married life and they understand the concept of marriage, we may be able to reduce the percentages.

K Ragavan, India

Strong leadership and education foster tolerance

Your article Abu Dhabi father and son lawyers knighted by Vatican (November 22) was heart-warming to read. I wish other countries could a take a leaf from the UAE’s book.

Ann Cambridge, United Kingdom

This story just goes to show what education and strong leadership can bring. Well done.

Robert Bradley, Abu Dhabi

We’ve got Louvre Abu Dhabi, now I’d like another museum

We have Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Guggenheim is coming soon, but what we also need is a museum that houses the achievements of Muslims in science as well as in culture (Louvre Abu Dhabi virtual tour: the objects you shouldn’t miss, November 14).

We need this museum to be interactive for schoolchildren as well for adults.

Every aspect of Islamic history should be highlighted. Visiting the museum should be part of every school curriculum.

Angabeen Ahmad, Umm Al Quwain

I know something that would slow an electric car down

In reference to your online report Jeddah hit by floods as heavy rain arrives in Saudi Arabia (November 21).

This is only an idle thought, but I wonder how long a Tesla Roadster could handle the heavy rains and floods for. I don’t think it would cope well.

Thomas Reidy, Dubai

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