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More needs to be done to stop bullying in schools

Our readers have their say on bullying, Indian elections, Dubai Arena, and licence plates

Bullying in school is an issue that needs to be addressed more thoroughly. Getty Images
Bullying in school is an issue that needs to be addressed more thoroughly. Getty Images

I write in reference to Justin Thomas’ article The anguish of childhood bullying can last a lifetime (April 7).

I would love to see a government-mandated training programme that would enable schools to tackle this issue. Many schools refuse to admit that they have a bullying problem, simply to preserve their image. They do not think of the harm done to children.

Bullying is a serious issue that needs to be defined and recognised so as to give students more rights and to hold schools accountable for their inaction. Otherwise these institutions are likely to turn a blind eye to the problem.

Dala Farouki Kakos, Abu Dhabi

Don’t forget the middle classes in Indian elections

I write to you in reference to your article India ruling BJP targets Hindu majority and farmers with election manifesto (April 9). Your piece on the recent manifesto submitted by the Indian ruling party shed light on the intricacies of the coming elections. Personally, I am unsure what I should make of the BJP’s latest move.

On the one hand, I am happy that the ruling NDA government has addressed major Indian problems such as national security, the living conditions of farmers and plans to implement welfare programmes.

But on the other hand, the middle class has been clearly neglected during this campaign. Non-pensioners’ deposit rates continue to rise and life is harder for us now. As a non-pensioner myself, I suffer from rampant inflation and a higher cost of living.

I do hope the BJP will give more thought to this point in the future.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Fizzy drinks consumption should not be encouraged

I write to you in reference to your article Dubai Arena officially named Coca-Cola Arena after 10-year deal is signed (April 8).

I was sad to read about the arena’s name change. The government is rightly discouraging the consumption of carbonated beverages and has limited their availability in school canteens. It is a shame that such a beautiful venue should be named after one such drink.

Shivika Raina, Dubai

A life-changing amount of money could go far

I write to you in reference to Anna Zacharias’ article Dubai licence plate auction fetches Dh23.5 million (April 7).

If I had that amount of money, I would not buy a licence plate. I would instead donate it to the poor and build more dog shelters in Dubai. There are so many people suffering and living in dire conditions around the world. We must do whatever we can to come to their aid instead of spending money on material possessions.

Name withheld by request

Some people collect artwork, others buy licence plates. I guess it’s all about supply and demand. Anything can become a niche market.

Arif Khan, India

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