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Mixed marriages not more problematic than other marriages

The challenges faced by couples in a mixed marriage are not insurmountable. AP Photo
The challenges faced by couples in a mixed marriage are not insurmountable. AP Photo

I disagree with the views expressed in the story Heartache of mixed marriages in Oman (July 15). I've been married to my Bahraini husband since 1978 and have lived in Abu Dhabi for many years bringing up our family. Yes there are cultural differences, but that's the challenge you take on when you marry into a different culture. I have a wonderful family and have always got on with my in-laws. We are now retired and looking forward to our first grandchild. Life sometimes was a struggle, as in any marriage, but you work through the bad times. Other people can be unpleasant at times but that can be any culture. We are blessed with multicultural, well-educated children and we all reap the benefits of a mixed marriage that has lasted many incredible years.

Barbara Nasser, Abu Dhabi

Can we live happily without our material possessions?

In reference to your report Rising materialism a threat to life satisfaction, finds UAE study (July 18), it all depends on what material possessions one accumulates. It is actually impossible to live without material possessions. Therefore, this study is probably flawed in some way.

Al Brown, Dubai

This study contradicts other research that claims people here are the happiest and most contented in the world.

Justin Webb, Dubai

It’s a really important topic. I wish I can read this paper. I think it is all because of a lack of ethical education and a tendency to compete or blindly follow others. We should teach young people that success is not just about being able to afford luxury cars and the most luxurious lifestyle. It’s all about values and ideals. The mind set needs to change. Education is the first step towards success.

Aia Baloshi, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has all ingredients to be the world’s best city

I was happy to learn that Abu Dhabi has has claimed the top slot in the Top Cities 2017 survey (Abu Dhabi excels in global index – here’s why, July 17).

I agree with all the reasons you have pointed out. The weather? Well, it’s not in anyone’s hands.

Amit Biswal, Dubai

A country where the people and the government work together is one that has to shine. That’s just what happens in the UAE. It’s not surprising that the joint efforts are paying dividends.

There are those who might contradict the findings of the survey. I would like to ask them what exactly makes some other cities better than Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Ayeasha Stanly, Abu Dhabi

Updated: July 18, 2017 06:38 PM