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Many happy returns to the convenient Dubai Metro

Our readers have their say on animal welfare, public transport and racial discrimination

The Dubai Metro added Dh66 billion to its economy between 2009 and 2016. Stephen Lock / The National  
The Dubai Metro added Dh66 billion to its economy between 2009 and 2016. Stephen Lock / The National  

Having lived in Dubai all my life, I just want to thank the authorities for successfully launching the Dubai Metro and pay tribute to all those who contributed to its success. I have commuted on the metro for two years. Taking my car to work every day just leads to unnecessary rage and additional expenses such as Salik, petrol and parking. Because of the metro, more and more visitors are heading to Dubai as it is such a convenient mode of transport. Luckily, I have the opportunity to always hop into the gold class, which is more spacious than silver class, where there is sometimes barely an inch to move. The fares are very reasonable and you find people from various walks of life using the service. What does have to change, though, is the etiquette of some commuters, which could be controlled if there were more metro staff at stations and the near the ­feeder buses. Thank you, Dubai Metro.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

The way humans treat animals is a crying shame

After reading your article Testing times continue for ­retired lab chimps (September 10), I have the perfect solution: don’t take them from the wild in the first place. Poor creatures ­– no wonder they are in bad health, pumped full of experimental drugs and in constant stress, fear and pain. Humans should be ashamed of themselves. Do we make the world a better place for other living things ? Not really.

Lorraine Ludman, Dubai

Pray for the victims of the powerful Abira earthquake

With reference to Rescuers rush to north Japan amid damage after quake kills seven (September 7), news of the powerful earthquake that has taken away seven lives and left many people stranded without power on Japan’s northern island of Abira was sad to read. I pray for the victims and for the survivors to be rescued.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Advertising for white employees is beyond the pale

Reading UAE nursery faces backlash over ‘white skin’ teacher advert (September 10), I have to say that there is absolutely no excuse for this. It is unacceptable to discriminate for any reason – race, nationality, gender or age.

Julz Russell, Abu Dhabi

This headteacher is very confused. She doesn’t seem to know the difference between nationality and race or be able to ­identify racism.

Tom Richardson, Dubai

I see many jobs with specific nationalities, white or otherwise and always wonder why this is okay. We are all humans.

Sol Zaabi, Abu Dhabi

Updated: September 10, 2018 07:37 PM