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Manjunath Naidu's tragic death leaves us all bereaved

Our readers have their say about Manjunath Naidu, Syria, Mohammed Assaf and young Emiratis

Comedian Manjunath Naidu passed away last Friday in Dubai.
Comedian Manjunath Naidu passed away last Friday in Dubai.

I write to you in reference to your article Indian comedian collapses on stage in Dubai and dies (July 22). This is a very touching article about the famous Indian comedian Manjunath Naidu, who passed away while he was performing in Dubai. I was extremely sad to hear about his untimely death, and I send my condolences to his family. Naidu was a well-established comedian who performed for more than half a decade. His death on stage was a shock, not only to the audience present at the time but to all of his fans worldwide. A friend of the late comedian subsequently revealed that he had been struggling with a cardiac problem. May his soul rest in peace.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

This is truly a tragedy. Comedian Tommy Cooper met the same fate as Manjunath Naidu while he was performing on stage in London. Naidu was only 36. May they both rest in peace.

Nadia Dajani, Amman

Despite the hardships, happiness has its place in Syria

I write to you in reference to a picture with the caption Syrians gather at the 'Food Street' that was recently opened in the Tishrin Public Park in Damascus (July 21), which was shared on The National's Facebook page. I am so happy to see such Syria pictures being shared today. This shows there are some positive things happening in the country.

Haniea Jaafar, Abu Dhabi

Mohammed Assaf gave an amazing performance in Baalbeck

I write to you in reference to Nyree McFarlane's article The most beautiful stage on earth? Mohammed Assaf performs at Baalbeck (July 22). What a wonderful concert. We wish him all the success, today and always.

Ibtissam Ayash, Morocco

Mohammed Assaf is truly the most talented Palestinian singer of our generation. He gave a breathtaking show in Baalbeck and I hope he will be giving many more in the coming years.

Mirna Fouad, Alexandria

Young Emiratis make their voices heard

I write to you in reference to Shireena Al Nowais's article Nine young Emiratis to offer frank advice to UAE government (July 20). I believe this is a great initiative. These young people represent the new generation of Emiratis, their voices should be heard at the highest level.

Rijam Rahaman Gurung, Nepal

Updated: July 23, 2019 11:28 AM