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Let’s give back to taxi drivers during Ramadan

Our readers have their say about Ramadan, waste management, and animal cruelty

Dubai taxis parked along the road. Pawan Singh / The National
Dubai taxis parked along the road. Pawan Singh / The National

I write to you in reference to your article Ruler of Dubai hands taxi plate owners Dh26 million bonus (May 5).

This is a commendable initiative, which should also extend to taxi drivers in the UAE. Cab drivers work very hard to help customers get where they need to be quickly and safely and deserve to be rewarded, especially during the holy month.

Prakash Kumar Singh, Dubai

Poor waste management is an international problem

I write to you in reference to Aya Iskandarani’s article Garbage crisis continues to heap misery on Lebanese people (May 7).

Today waste management is a real challenge for countries across the world. The truth is, my own country of India is woefully unable to efficiently manage this complex matter. Innovative ideas and new technology could help us find creative ways to solve the problem of waste management, but with rampant corruption and budget cuts plaguing its administration, it is no wonder that Lebanon is still struggling to implement an effective waste management strategy.

I hope the newly formed government will take up this challenge, and bring about a solution for the Lebanese people.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

The holy month teaches us to become more charitable

I write to you in reference to Victor Besa’s report Police and volunteers hand out iftar meals in Abu Dhabi and Dubai - in pictures (May 7).

I really miss these kind of initiatives, having left the UAE. There is far less joy on the roads elsewhere during the holy month.

Name withheld by request

I participated in a similar event last year and I can confirm that it was an amazing experience.

Janith Matts-Rains, Abu Dhabi

The years we spent in Dubai taught us how to be more charitable and compassionate with others, especially during Ramadan. The holy month is a time to practice humility.

Elizabeth Crawford, France

Animal cruelty is totally unacceptable everywhere

I write to you in reference to Gillian Duncan’s article Puppy killed in sickening drive-by shooting in Abu Dhabi (May 6).

This is so sad. I hope the police will find these puppy-killers and make them pay for their cruel crime.

Candy Chetty, Abu Dhabi

Steps have been taken to implement laws that have the power to protect helpless animals. But these criminal are probably unaware of what is legal and what is not.

In my experience, much of the hard work that volunteers and rescue groups are painstakingly doing to save stray cats and dogs is undermined by a lack of funds.

Amanda Kalmbach, Abu Dhabi

I am glad this horrifying story is making national headlines. More needs to be done to prevent such inhumane treatment of animals.

Name withheld by request

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