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Lesson for when the pandemic abates: respect the environment and wildlife

Our readers have their say on the need to respect the environment, keep children safe, violence in Lebanon and the death of actor Irrfan Khan

This undated electron microscope image made available by the US National Institutes of Health in February 2020 shows the virus that causes COVID-19. AP
This undated electron microscope image made available by the US National Institutes of Health in February 2020 shows the virus that causes COVID-19. AP

With regard to Paul Peachey's report Conflict between humans and animals raises pandemic threat (April 28): maybe if we stop breaching their territory, the scale of pandemics can be reduced. We need to respect the space of wildlife as well if we want a safe future.

Sophia Lorraine Fernandes, Dubai

The children must be kept safe, as long as it takes

Regarding Jamie Prentis's article Alert issued as children hospitalised with severe coronavirus-related illness (April 27): this is why schools must not reopen in the UK until at least September or longer. Probably when there is a cure available.

Matt Edwards, Dubai

A tough time to be the head of a country

I write to you in reference to the article by Sunniva Rose One dead after a night of riots in Lebanon (April 28): the violence in Lebanon, is a grim warning of how a protracted lockdown can fray nerves and tempers. As a result of the lockdown many workers and youngsters, who may not have adequate savings have to sit idle in their homes, many without food and money.

This is happening across countries whether it be Lebanon, Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, etc. In many countries the frustration of the unemployed and the hungry will overflow in the form of violence and rioting on to the streets, as has happened in Lebanon.

The governments of various countries are also under intense pressure. If they lift the lockouts too soon, they run the risk of massive infections, which their health systems cannot manage. Most developing countries are short of testing kits, hospital beds and even medicines. In developed countries, citizens have unemployment allowances, medical benefits, pensions for senior citizens, etc. These do not exist in developing countries. So the pain is more.

Governments will have to act with ample discretion and start opening selected sectors of the economy in a gradual manner, so that the disease is contained and yet people are able to make a living and have a life. It is not easy to be the prime minister or president of a country in these times.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

In a league of his own: curtain call for a fine, versatile actor

Regarding Sophie Prideaux's report Legendary Indian actor Irrfan Khan dies at the age of 53 (April 29): this is a deep loss to the film industry and to audiences everywhere who loved his acting and his pick of the most versatile roles. Irrfan Khan was in a league of his own. I especially enjoyed his films The Lunchbox and Life of Pi. May his soul rest in peace.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Gone too soon. He was one of the greats.

Abid Ali, Dubai

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