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Laws should be amended to include a broad criminal negligence standard

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Five major tower fires have broken out over the past six years, including two blazes at the Torch tower in Dubai Marina. Antonie Robertson / The National
Five major tower fires have broken out over the past six years, including two blazes at the Torch tower in Dubai Marina. Antonie Robertson / The National

Fines are not an effective deterrent (Tough fines and enforcement needed in UAE buildings to boost fire safety, August 20). Amending the laws to include a broad criminal negligence standard would offer a deterrent for any number of public-safety hazards in the UAE, not the least of which is the risk of fire due to improperly installed or maintained electrical wiring and building panels. One could argue that it could also apply to car safety and driving, giving law enforcement another tool in their attempts to cut down on road deaths. I’m sure such an approach would be extremely effective and welcomed by those who work to keep this country safe, despite many challenges. At least the law should be on their side.

Elan Fabbri, Dubai

Is it not mandatory to have risk assessments done every day? (Call for owners, developers to assess fire risk on older UAE buildings, August 20.) I have worked here for 22 years and in the past 15 years risk assessments have become part of our statutory framework. My question is, how do companies not have risk assessment policies in place?

Tanya Milbourne, Dubai

Until today, we don't know what started the fire. However, while a building might have the most sophisticated fire alarm and firefighting systems, its occupants ought to adhere to safety standards and rules. Failure to do so could result in a catastrophe like this.

Ben Kaziz, Dubai

Whether you are a man or a woman, you should be able to cook

I think everyone should learn how to cook (There's no shame in choosing not to cook, August 20). It's a basic requirement for survival. You can't always rely on restaurants. I know people who prepare an entire week's food over one day of the weekend. That's nothing to be ashamed of. Rather, it’s about saving money and getting into a routine. If one day you can no longer afford to order food, you wouldn't panic because you've already got a working system.

Morvarid Jalali, Dubai

A better question would be “what kind of food do you eat?” That tells you much more about the person you are. Anyway, I'm very lucky. My partner and I both love to cook, eat and experiment.

Dave Pryce, Dubai

As Jamie Oliver says, everyone needs to know how to cook at least 10 recipes. I can't imagine not knowing how to cook.

Ali Marie, Abu Dhabi

Appalling stunt by Australia’s Muslim-baiter politician

The stunt by Australian senator Pauline Hanson was appalling (Muslim-baiter politician wears burqa in Australia's Senate, August 17). However, she has always been a divisive person in Australia. So there is nothing new here. She was just picking on different people this time.

Julie Gordon, Dubai


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