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Karunanidhi is a great loss in polarised Indian politics

Our readers have their say on Yemen, India, speeding and Trump

Indian school students gather to pay homage to a portrait of the deceased M Karunanidhi at a school in Chennai. Arun Sankar / AFP
Indian school students gather to pay homage to a portrait of the deceased M Karunanidhi at a school in Chennai. Arun Sankar / AFP

The death of M Karunanidhi, former five-time chief minister of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is a great loss to Indian politics. He was known for his disciplined stand on Hindu nationalism as an opposition politician as well as his versatile writing in Tamil cinema scripts and powerful speeches. His scripts were famous for their powerful dialogue.

Karunanidhi was well regarded by all political parties. He was the longstanding leader and cornerstone of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party for 50 years. In Tamil Nadu itself, he was instrumental in crafting the state’s wonderful transport system, when he was the transport minister. Many leaders across the country respected him for his impressive administration and many flocked to hear his great speeches in Tamil. Karunanidhi is a great loss. I always admired him, even though I do not belong to any political party. May his soul rest in peace.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

Post-conflict Yemen will need a collective effort to rebuild it

I write in reference to your editorial Coalition aid will help rebuild Yemen (August 8): the United Nations too must take an active role in the onerous task of rebuilding Yemen after the conflict comes to an end. Towns like Sanaa and Taez have suffered serious damage. Once bustling cities, today food, water and housing are all in very short supply.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

How about cameras detecting average speeds in the UAE?

It seems to me that speed averaging cameras – like those used in the UK – should be used in the UAE. We often see speeders slowing down right before speed cameras, then go back to their high-speed driving. Speed averaging cameras catch this behaviour. I once read that technology can be installed to ticket for tailgating, which would be great because that is a real safety problem. The elimination of the speed buffer only helps the problem of experienced drivers and tourists not familiar with the buffer are sharing the same roads but averaging cameras will allow authorities to catch and fine those who speed between cameras.

Mark Zalagens, UAE

It is a good idea to post the actual speed limit and punish those who abuse it. But something also needs to be done about people who drive well below the speed limit in the wrong lane. This creates bottlenecking and anger from other drivers and when slower drivers get intimidated, accidents can happen.

Sam Anderson, Dubai

Trump’s myopic spells will result in American isolation

I write in reference to your article As US and Turkey break up, experts warn of dangerous ramifications (August 11): US President Donald Trump has created rifts with almost all allies except Israel. His myopic spells might result in American isolation in many sectors. It is no wonder that countries are tilting towards China.

Name withheld by request

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