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Karachi attacks will not help terrorists achieve their aims

Our readers have their say on Pakistan, abandoned pets, foreign policy and girls' school subjects

Security personnel stand next to burned out vehicles in front of the Chinese consulate in Karachi. AFP
Security personnel stand next to burned out vehicles in front of the Chinese consulate in Karachi. AFP

I have just read your article Pakistan militants attack Chinese Consulate in­ Karachi (­November 24). This brutal attack, carried out by ­Balochistan separatists in the port city Karachi, is to be condemned.

Terrorists and militants targeting innocent people of other nationalities in their embassies and consular ­buildings is ­absolutely unacceptable. The assault was claimed by the ­Balochistan Liberation Army. Three attackers arrived at the consulate in a car filled with explosives.

Pictures of the attack posted on social media outlets showed smoke rising from the surrounding area.

The reason for this attack may be the fear of the ­militants that the Chinese, along with Pakistan’s military, are suppressing their ambition for a separate state.

Killing innocent people will not yield their desired result. This is a sad state of affairs indeed.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

We must not allow animals to be abandoned on the streets

I write with reference to your article Don’t dump your pets: plea made to curb surge in strays in UAE (November 24). Apart from the trapped, neutered and returned official program, a lot is done for stray animals, privately, from people’s personal salaries, and as volunteers.

The UAE’s airlines should consider affordable servicesfor people leaving UAE for good with their animals. Owning a pet should also be linked to the owner’s visa. This will help people, as well as the poor animals, and reduce the burden for everyone.

Violet Amet, Abu Dhabi

Isn’t it about time that licenses were required for pet ownership? And linking pets to a residents visa would also help. I’m sick and tired of cold, heartless people who think it’s OK to throw out their pets like rubbish.

Name withheld by request

Martin Griffiths’ words on Yemen are only too true

I write with reference to your article Martin Griffiths proposes UN operation of Yemen’s Hodeidah port (November 23). His words merit urgent consideration. I further suggest that even Sanaa airport should be under UN control. This will ensure that aid, food and medicines reach the hungry and sick in Yemen.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Speaking for myself, girls should take part in sports

Following your article Rugby too “rough” and girls should instead study cooking, says UAE council member (November 20). As an Emirati woman, he categorically does not speak for me.

Elham Al Marzooqi McMillan, Abu Dhabi

Updated: November 24, 2018 08:05 PM