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Jerusalem is a spiritual site for all faiths

Readers discuss Israel and Palestine, Indian elections, supermarket packaging and child prodigies

Israel responded to protests against the US embassy's relocation to Jerusalem by opening fire and killing at least 55 Palestinians. AFP Photo
Israel responded to protests against the US embassy's relocation to Jerusalem by opening fire and killing at least 55 Palestinians. AFP Photo

As Israelis celebrate the 70th anniversary of their state's founding on land taken forcibly from Arabs, its forces are massacring Palestinian masses. Jerusalem, unfortunately, has become the focal point of this confrontation.

Jerusalem is a holy and spiritual land. Politics should neither enter nor pollute its holiness. Jerusalem is sacred to Christians, Muslims and Jews. Rather than being the source of conflict, it should emerge as an autonomous entity – a Vatican-like state, perhaps, for all faiths. Spiritual leaders could govern Jerusalem, a city free from the political strife that has characterised the land for far too long.

MA Hossain, Dhaka

Nagham Mohanna's article 'Why did you leave me?' Family mourns baby killed by Israeli tear gas (May 15) reminds us that 70 years of the most brutal occupation in modern times, with justice denied to the victims and dozens of UN resolutions violated, visits shame on the world for watching from the sidelines.

Aziza Al Busaidy, Dubai

Democracy in India has been reduced to a numbers game

I write in response to the article India's BJP wins most seat in Karnataka state elections (May 15): the results of the hard-fought election in the southern state have produced a hung legislature. The BJP, although the biggest party, does not have enough seats to form a government on its own. The Congress Party, although rejected by the people of the state, is pushing to enter government by backing a third party, Janata Dal (Secular). Rumours of horse trading, including alleged bribes offered to elected members to support one party against another, are already emerging. The governor of the state now has to decide which party gets the first chance to prove its majority on the floor of the house. This election has been a tough one and the wishes of the voters might not be honoured. Indian democracy has become a numbers game.

K Ragavan, Denver

Stop wasting plastic by wrapping every product

I refer to your article Shoppers urged to choose local produce in Ramadan sales push (May 15): when I shop, I try always to pick up products that aren’t wrapped in plastic. Some stores needlessly wrap every item in plastic.

Darren Banner, Tasmania

Top-scoring student is a homegrown genius

I refer to the article Indian pupils in Dubai among top scorers globally (May 14): Aakanksha Rai's scores – 100 per cent in physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science and 97 per cent in English – demonstrate that she is a genius. Her parents must be proud.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

Aakanksha Rai is an amazing lady. Good luck to her in her future endeavours.

Shervin Cacchioni, Dubai

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