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Japanese election result is a win for Asia

Readers discuss Japanese politics, traffic accidents, personal debt and nuclear war

Shinzo Abe attends a news conference  in Tokyo after his victory in this month's snap election. Toru Hanai / Reuters
Shinzo Abe attends a news conference in Tokyo after his victory in this month's snap election. Toru Hanai / Reuters

Abe sweeps to big win in Japan (October 23) was a good development for Asia. Shinzo Abe’s victory at the polls may bring peace and stability, it should inject some common sense into the North Korea nuclear stand-off and also encourage good bilateral relationships with India on trade, terror and other issues. Kudos to Mr Abe.

K.Ragavan, India

Clashes in Egypt are deeply disturbing

I refer to Egypt searches for answers after police killed in ambush (October 23). The recent clashes between militant groups and policemen in the western desert region of Egypt resulted in more than 50 policemen being killed. We don’t know which group is responsible for this is yet and the suspicion of terror hangs over the incident. Let us hope the Egyptian government conducts a speedy investigation into what happened.

Name withheld by request

Never mind the lights, what about the savings

I refer to The Big switch over: how Abu Dhabi plans to ditch old lights for enviro-friendly LEDS (October 23). The colour temperature of these new lights will be amazing and the manufacturer will guarantee the light and the savings for five years. The energy savings will be about 60 per cent compared with the current electricity consumption.

Andy Woods, Dubai

With North Korea stirring things up, there may be trouble ahead

Justin Thomas’s column, The fear of nuclear war used to keep me up at night … it might do so again (October 23) was powerful. Nuclear war is genuinely possible once more. North Korea is gearing up, theUS is threatening, Iran is reactivating, so this may be triangular nuclear war. The UN must play a significant role in mediation towards global disarmament.

Name withheld by request

Too many of us are addicted to mobile phones

I write regarding your story Teenager dead after crash on Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (October 21). If this accident had happened in the UK, police could check whether the driver's mobile was in use at the time of the crash. I wonder if this was the case here? While I am sorry to hear that such a young life has been lost, I am glad that the accident did not involve another vehicle. When people make the decision to use their mobile phones and drive in this country, they are also making a conscious decision to endanger the lives of others. Mobile phones are making the younger generation narcissistic with parents and guardians fuelling this addiction.

Name withheld by request

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