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It’s time to stop building in the centre of Mumbai

Readers have their say on the Rohingya, Asaram Bapu, construction and obesity

Constant construction in Mumbai has made the city more congested. Getty
Constant construction in Mumbai has made the city more congested. Getty

Mumbai could learn a great deal from Dubai when it comes to maintaining open spaces in the city. In the Mumbai 2034 Plan released last week, about 3,000 hectares of urban land will be released for development after various non-development zones were unlocked. This is certain to further increase congestion and traffic jams in a crammed city.

Mumbai is becoming increasingly unliveable due to massive industrial and housing development, few and congested roads and poor transport infrastructure. Many of the projects designed to rectify the situation do not come to fruition. The monorail project tracks and rails, for instance, have been ready for more than five years now. And in spite of that, the monorail service still has not commenced.

The government must simply stop building both commercial and residential developments in Mumbai.

Fresh construction should be undertaken in new green field projects, like New Mumbai, beyond the city limits. And within Mumbai, the focus should be on decongestion and efficient maintenance to reverse some of the damage already done.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

For the Rohingya in Myanmar, a cruel paradox endures

I write in reference to your article UN team begins bid to resolve Rohingya refugee crisis (April 28): I hope this UN team is successful in reigning in the rogue army of Myanmar, a nation led by a Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi. What a cruel paradox.

Name withheld by request

Asaram Bapu conviction will serve as a warning to others

I write in reference to your article Indian guru sentenced to life for raping teenage girl (April 26): half a decade after popular Indian guru Asaram Bapu raped a teenage girl, justice has caught up with him, with the Indian judiciary delivering this verdict on April 25.

On the one hand, I pity the millions of followers of the 77-year-old guru for being duped. On the other, the severity of his crimes simply cannot be ignored.

This judgment is a good one and should be an eye-opener for other gurus and high profile people who indulge in this kind of disgusting behaviour.

It is encouraging that justice can ultimately be dispensed, despite a long delay.

K Ragavan, Denver

Healthy food and exercise are best way to reduce obesity

I write in reference to your article Gastric balloons to be offered to children to help tackle obesity (April 30): these children need to eat more healthily and move more.

We need more outdoor areas and affordable activities that inspire children to leave their iPads at home.

Casey Corley, Abu Dhabi

Updated: April 30, 2018 07:31 PM