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It’s time to put the scourge of racism well behind us

Our readers have their say on Syria, Libya and racism

US Open Womens Single champion Naomi Osaka of Japan with Serena Williams after their tense match. Timothy A Clary / AFP
US Open Womens Single champion Naomi Osaka of Japan with Serena Williams after their tense match. Timothy A Clary / AFP

2018 can certainly be lauded as a landmark year, largely because of two key events. First, Meghan Markle, a biracial American woman, entered the British royal family by marrying Prince Harry in Windsor in May.

A decade ago, Barack Obama, a half-Kenyan American ran for the US presidency and occupied the White House, making history as the first black president in the process.

Race and racism – age old problems that have started many wars throughout human history – should be laid to rest. Doing so would allow humans to practice free association, thereby allowing us all to fulfil our potential in this fiercely competitive world.

AR Modak, Johannesburg

How long will the world tolerate the Syrian regime?

I write in reference to your ongoing coverage of the bombardment of the rebel-held Syrian province of Idlib. Syrian President Bashar Al Assad’s strategy is clear: if you can’t beat them, bomb them. Honestly, how can the so-called civilised world tolerate such heinous acts by Mr Al Assad, who is killing innocent people simply for political power? The world is filled with humanitarian crises. And while some express criticism, other powers use their militaries to exacerbate the suffering.

Name withheld by request

When will Libya regain some semblance of normality?

I write in reference to your article Gunmen open fire inside headquarters of Libyan state oil firm (September 11): The National’s coverage of the recent attack on Libya’s state oil firm in Tripoli was elaborate and impressive. The dreadful attack has rightly attracted worldwide condemnation. One person was killed, but the masked attackers have not indicated which group they belong to.

Once upon a time, Libya was rich in resources and relatively peaceful. Today, everything has gone. The country is trapped in a fight with and between multiple terror groups. It begs the question: when will Libya return at long last to normalcy? It is a question that is not easily answered today.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

The adoration of white skin is endemic and rather tragic

Please refer to your article Advert for UAE nursery teacher with ‘white skin’ puts spotlight on race issues in job market (September 10). This story is sad to read but it is nothing new. The adoration of white skin is evident in virtually all Arab countries, even if it is not out in the open. For some it is a status symbol, created by advertisers. Either way, it is sad.

Name withheld by request

Updated: September 11, 2018 07:15 PM