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It is time to take proper action on plastic bags

Our readers have their say on Afghanistan, Iraq, dental care, Iran and supermarkets

Carrefour will be distributing reusable bags to customers on Wednesday in an effort to reduce reliance on single-use plastics
Carrefour will be distributing reusable bags to customers on Wednesday in an effort to reduce reliance on single-use plastics

I write in reference to your article Carrefour serving up free reusable bags to tackle plastic waste (July 3). Charge people for plastic bags or take them away, so people will have to bring their own bags or carry their food. That’s what New Zealand is doing.

Ashleigh Roebuck, Abu Dhabi

Supermarkets should also train their staff not to give out plastic bags without thinking. I have seen them putting a single carton of milk in a bag of its own. Also, when people purchase small items, like a bag of crisps or a nail varnish, they should be discouraged from taking a plastic bag. No one needs a bag for a can of soda.

Sharelee Hauß, Abu Dhabi

When will Afghans get relief from the threat of attacks?

I write in reference to your article A growing mental health crisis in Afghanistan (July 2). This National editorial was a good read. Decades of war and interruption by Taliban forces and other actors have sparked a mental health crisis in Afghanistan. Although this is quite natural, the fact that 80 per cent of suicides are women is alarming, due to childhood marriage, violence and displacement. As the country is in transition, despite the recent attack on Monday, there is some hope for the Afghan people. However, the most pressing question is when they will receive relief from constant attacks and be allowed to live a peaceful normal life.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Iraq’s problems can be traced back to the US-led invasion

I write in reference to your article Gulf region sizzles in summer weather five degrees above average (July 2). The lack of water and electricity in Iraq is a gift from former US president George W Bush, after his 2003 invasion. A living city of delights and laughter was destroyed to satisfy the whims and fancies of an American leader. What a world.

Nazim Hasan Khan, India

Is it too late now to constrain the growing Iranian threat?

I write in reference to your front page splash Tehran breaches enriched uranium deal limit (July 2). Following in the footsteps of North Korea, Iran is trying to bargain with strength. Appropriate steps to curb this threat should have been taken long ago.

Name withheld by request

A primary school campaign would improve dental care

I write in reference to your article Abu Dhabi launches new dental hygiene campaign (July 3). The UAE should start a tooth-brushing programme in primary schools, as the US did back in the 70s, to educate children on oral hygiene, from daily brushing to classes on how to brush, free accessories for brushing and education on dental diseases.

Rjj Saraiva, Abu Dhabi

Insurance packages should absolutely include dental care. Having bad tooth hygiene can lead to many other diseases.

Sangita Thakrar, Abu Dhabi

Updated: July 3, 2019 05:51 PM