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It is high time Sheikh Zayed's legacy hit the big screen

Readers discuss Baba Zayed's biopic, food waste, crime and punishment and the World Cup

A Hollywood film will be made about the life of Sheikh Zayed. Courtesy Al Ittihad
A Hollywood film will be made about the life of Sheikh Zayed. Courtesy Al Ittihad

I write in reference to your article Hollywood film to be made about Sheikh Zayed (June 4): this is fantastic news. Sheikh Zayed was truly a remarkable leader who laid the foundations of the modern UAE.

It is thanks to his guidance and foresight that this country has emerged as a model in terms of economic progress, social harmony, migration and regional contribution.

Above all, the UAE is sensitive to the needs of millions of foreign residents who work across the employment spectrum and contribute to the country’s various functions.

Sheikh Zayed’s philosophy and vision should continue to be documented and disseminated to inspire future generations in this country and beyond.

It is for this reason that the upcoming film is most welcome. It will be even better if the producers and Shekhar Kapur, the director, explore local acting talent and perhaps discover another star, as David Lean did with Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

The news that the story of the late Founding Father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed, will appear on the big screen is excellent.

I eagerly await the script by popular writer Cliff Dorfman and I am pleased that the film direction was bestowed on Shekhar Kapur, who also directed the excellent and widely popular Elizabeth. With his special touch, it is sure to be an excellent film and will make the UAE even more popular on the international stage.

K Ragavan, Denver

Mosque iftars are generous but please don’t waste food

It is a great initiative for Abu Dhabi authorities to provide iftar for thousands of people during the holy month in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Every day, different nationalities flock to the capital to break their fast. My only concern is that many of them are from the Asian subcontinent and the food which is provided is mostly Arabic cuisine.

While delicious, much of it is wasted as the people eating it are not familiar with that type of cuisine.

I am also worried about the quantities that are provided.

Sometimes there is more than half a kilo of beef, mutton and chicken per person. It would be wonderful if the authorities could look into providing more familiar food and in more modest portion sizes.

Abdul Mannan, Abu Dhabi

Fraudster should be made to serve his lengthy sentence

I write in reference to your article Fraudster Sydney Lemos to appeal against 500-year sentence for Dubai scam, as victims are urged to fight for repayment (June 4): I hope he is not smiling now and will rot in jail. How could he play with the hard-earned money of others?

Kristina Margit, Abu Dhabi

The World Cup should be free to watch for everyone

In reference to your piece beIN Sports ends deal with du just days ahead of World Cup (June 4), with Etisalat, the price for the package is Dh550. I wish they would bear in mind that in the UK, the World Cup is aired for free.

Neil Dimmick, Abu Dhabi

Updated: June 4, 2018 07:57 PM