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It is hard to get children to go outside during the summer

Our readers have their say on hot summers, Nelson Mandela and child safety

Thick humidity hangs over Abu Dhabi Corniche. Victor Besa / The National
Thick humidity hangs over Abu Dhabi Corniche. Victor Besa / The National

I refer to your article Minister urges parents to ban modern technology and let children play outside (September 25): outside Abu Dhabi island, in places like Mohammed bin Zayed City, we have very few parks. The ones we do have contain only a few shaded areas to protect from the sun. In summer it’s impossible to go to these places with 100 per cent humidity and temperatures of over 45 degrees. More shaded areas should be added to these public parks and perhaps each should have a small aquatic area to cool off during summer. Indoor activities for a family-of-five tend to be too expensive and most middle class families cannot afford these activities more than once a month. So what are we left with? Unless you have a garden in a villa, there’s not much choice in the heat of summer.

Casey Al Hammadi, Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi if you live in a high-rise tower, there are hardly any spaces between buildings for children to play and very few parks around. I have to drive my children to parks because it’s not possible to let them out on their own.

Sara Sinin, Abu Dhabi

There has to be a balance when it comes to technology and playing outdoors. It’s obviously very important to get children outside but if you’re not acquainted with technology then you will be behind when it comes to studying or working in later life. Too often I have had to explain the most basic technology to people in positions where they most certainly should understand it.

Mariana De Carli, Dubai

Nelson Mandela: president, diplomat and father of peace

I write in reference to your article Nelson Mandela legacy dominates UNGA opening ceremony (September 25): Damien McElroy’s article was an interesting read. The recent decision from the UN to declare a Nelson Mandela Decade of Peace was a very welcome development at a fraught UNGA. This is a fitting tribute for the late South African leader, honouring his diplomacy and pursuit of peace. A lifesize statue of Mandela at the UN headquarters received global praise and interest and will be celebrated by his people.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Balcony fall is a reminder of urgency of safety measures

I write in reference to your tragic story Child, 4, dies after falling from balcony at family home (September 24): this is most unfortunate. I saw such an accident with my own eyes in Abu Dhabi years ago. It was a traumatic experience for me. Every balcony should have one full grille with a window that could be locked.

Name withheld by request

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