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Indian authorities should better prepare for monsoons

Our readers have their say on nutrition, Mumbai, New Zealand and Iran

Rescuers working at the site of collapsed building in Dongri, Mumbai. Divyakant Solanki / EPA
Rescuers working at the site of collapsed building in Dongri, Mumbai. Divyakant Solanki / EPA

I refer to your article Mumbai building collapse: many dead and dozens trapped in Dongri ­district (July 17). Your story on the multistorey building collapse in Mumbai was sad to read. In the wake of a heavy monsoon, the Indian commercial capital has witnessed many building collapses, including the recent one in Dongri district. The damage caused two deaths and more than 40 people were trapped. Apart from the poor quality of construction, no proper inspection by authorities was a factor too. The state government should make proper plans to ­prepare for this eventuality and ­inspect periodically both old and new buildings. Whatever ­compensation is offered, it will never replace those whose lives were lost.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

We need more healthy options in Dubai restaurants

I write in reference to your online article Popular Amsterdam burger joint The Butcher to open first branch in Dubai (July 15). We need more healthy restaurant options in the UAE, and less of these unhealthy options. We have more than enough places like this already.

Tanya Milbourne, Dubai

The gracious New Zealand cricketers should be proud

In one of the oddest finals ever to be played, the cricket World Cup ended in the most extraordinary fashion, with the Kiwis again left stranded at the altar and a match that went to the super over for the first time.

Having played flawless ­cricket throughout the ­tournament, edging out the favourites India in the semi play-off, the Kiwis again entered the finals only to be denied their inaugural taste of World Cup glory.

Umpiring decisions apart, which went against the visitors, it was just not the opposition’s day. There is no doubt in many minds that the Kiwis were on track to victory towards the end, but were let down by some inept ­fielding, probably a case of high tension in reaching towards victory.

In the end, cricket won – England, the ancestral home of cricket, got their silverware after 44 years and the Kiwis will once again lick their wounds. Ever gracious in defeat, the Black Caps should be proud of themselves

A R Modak, Johannesburg

War in the Gulf would achieve nothing but destruction

I write in reference to your article US official concerned Iran has seized UAE-based tanker (July 17). Iran must not hurt the trade in the Gulf as the repercussions of doing so will be severe. War will achieve nothing, but death and ­destruction along with economic catastrophe.

Nazim Hasan Khan, India

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