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If US President takes care of his base he’ll serve two terms

Our readers have their say on the World Cup, property, Syria and Trump

US President Donald Trump. Nicholas Kamm / AFP
US President Donald Trump. Nicholas Kamm / AFP

I write in reference to Gavin Esler’s op-ed Voters will judge Trump on the economy, not on his moral or constitutional values (June 19): Mr Esler’s point that any national leader who is perceived to be taking care of his or her core voters may be immune to accusations surrounding his or her moral infringements is a very valid one. As such, it is very possible that US President Donald Trump’s immoral words and deeds will not affect his ability to return to office in 2020. A successful economy is very important and should make people happy and if they are, particularly the middle class, I see no reason why the leader in question should not be given a second chance.

K Ragavan, Denver

Trump might be a realist but he is prone to contradiction

In reference to Sholto Byrnes’s opinion piece Far from a fantasist, Trump is a realist who accepts the world order is changing (June 19): of course US President Donald Trump is a realist as he is able to observe and accept the changing world order. But Mr Trump has demonstrated time and again a propensity to lose track of his own goals and priorities and then goes on to act in flagrant disregard of the changes in the world order. As a result, he is a paradox.

Name withheld by request

Sadly the Saudis are not BeIN Sports’ only victims

In reference to your article Football fans launch petition against BeIN Sports’ Fifa World Cup coverage (June 19), I was infuriated to hear British World Cup commentators describe Mexico as a Central American country. They may be in need of a geography class as Mexico is part of North America and has been for some time.

Cisabel Harb, Louisiana

Only superpowers can end bloodshed in Syria

I write in reference to your article US official: Israel carried out strikes against Iraqi militia in Syria (June 18): as far as I’m concerned, most of those involved are actually on a killing spree and then shed crocodile tears afterwards and blame each other. After all that the people of Syria and Iraq have been through, this awful charade must come to an end as soon as possible. But how? The removal of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad is the key but there are valid concerns that doing so could throw internal faction fighting into full gear, which could, in turn, lead to even greater loss of life and property. Increasingly it seems that only superpowers can bring the bloodshed in that area to an end.

Name withheld by request

Renters should be put first in the modern property market

In reference to your article Tenancy laws need a review to attract more UAE buy-to-let investors (June 19): isn’t it better to give renters a path to purchasing a property? Creating a UK property market where most are trapped as renters because only certain people can buy has created big problems.

Ryan Parker, London

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