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I am glad India is finally easing its lockdown

Our readers have their say about Narendra Modi, lockdowns, buffets, Ravi restaurant, and physical distancing

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has eased lockdown measures. AFP
India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has eased lockdown measures. AFP

I write to you in reference to your article India to ease world's biggest lockdown as coronavirus cases rise (May 30). This piece about the Indian government's proposal for easing the lockdown despite the recent increase in coronavirus cases in the country was interesting but unsurprising. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also decided to meet low-income workers and others who have been impacted by the economic downturn from the coronavirus, a good public relations move. On the one hand people should thank the Indian government for easing restrictions and allowing them to make a living, but on the other hand people should not take this for granted and must continue to follow social distancing rules.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Dubai's most iconic restaurant is making it through the pandemic

I write to you in reference to Janice Rodrigues's article A Satwa institution: Ravi owner on keeping restaurant afloat amid pandemic (May 31). Ravi has amazing food, hopefully the restaurant will only grow stronger and maybe, one day, open a branch here in Al Ain City.

Shaheen Naryabi, Al Ain

This is my favorite restaurant in Dubai! I wish the very he best for them.

Lore Loredana, Dubai

Physical distancing is not yet part of our culture

I write to you in reference to Gillian Duncan's piece Coronavirus restrictions: what Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents can and can't do (May 26). Every time I go to the supermarket, if I try to implement social distancing while waiting in the queue, someone will just cut in front of me.

Dulce Veludo Peinado, Dubai

During lockdown, she took the time to pamper her rescue cats

I write to you in reference to Evelyn Lau's article Building a 'catio': Why I spent Dh3,000 on an outside space for my four rescue cats (May 30). Well done, this is a great way to treat your pets.

Malinda Smalberger, Dubai

Good job Evelyn.

Feda Jarad, Abu Dhabi

Will the pandemic be the end of self-service buffets?

I write to you in reference to Janic Rodrigues' article Goodbye, buffets: Could self-service meals become a thing of the past in the UAE? (May 29). How sad, this was my number one thing to do once restrictions are lifted here.

Abdul Hannan Sadiq, Abu Dhabi

UAE brunches were legendary, but unfortunately quite wasteful. Hopefully, restaurant owners will find a better way to host brunches after this all winds down.

Cheryl Murray, Abu Dhabi

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