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How to best feed a baby remains an emotive issue

Or readers have their say about weaning and James Mattis's resignation

Melissa Gronlund with her children. Courtesy Melissa Gronlund 
Melissa Gronlund with her children. Courtesy Melissa Gronlund 

I write in reference to Melissa Gronlund's article No sterilising or washing up: UAE mum explains why breastfeeding is best (December 21): why can’t we let women decide instead of placing unnecessary pressure on them to breastfeed?

All bodies are not the same. Some can’t or don’t even have enough milk to breastfeed, which means that for many women it isn’t even an option.

Many women also have to deal with post-partum depression and demanding that they do something their bodies are not capable of will only make this matter worse.

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Some people have assumed that this article was shaming formula feeders. It wasn’t. It’s just a very short piece by a mother, sharing why it was easier for her. It’s not putting pressure on anyone or judging anyone. The writer even ­mentions at the end that feeding a child helps you develop an amazing closeness to them, no matter how you choose to do it.

She also doesn’t talk about health benefits or emotional benefits or anything scientific.The main reasons she lists for breastfeeding are all economic and related to what she herself refers to as laziness and wanting an easy life.

Sadia Virk, UAE

Mattis’s departure will show where Trump’s interests lie

I write with reference to your article James Mattis departure leaves Donald Trump short of experience (December 21). The US defence secretary’s departure is the latest shocking development from Trump administration.

On its own, the departure of Mr Mattis, based on a disagreement about the president’s foreign-policy priorities, would represent a serious blow.

In Donald Trump’s two-year tenure, however, there have been many high-profile ­resignations, many related to matters of policy.

The experience that Mr ­Mattis brought to his post was evident and it will be a great loss to an administration that lacks expert opinion.

The president has insisted on a policy of “America first”. But is he really putting this into practice? We will have to wait and see.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Updated: December 23, 2018 08:50 PM