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Hope for Baghdad, a great city blighted by conflict

Our readers weigh in on working conditions, rubbish, Iraq and Pompeo

Iraqi policemen march during a parade in Baghdad. Ahmad Al Rubaye / AFP
Iraqi policemen march during a parade in Baghdad. Ahmad Al Rubaye / AFP

I write in reference to your article Baghdad has always been one of the world’s great cities (January 10): Mustafa Alrawi’s article on Baghdad was meaningful and really reasonated with me. Even decades back, when the former president Saddam Hussein was ruling Baghdad in his dictatorial manner, the city was more colourful and many tourists visited. After years of war and instability, it now appears that the city’s charm is returning, which is an excellent development. As Mr Alrawi has rightly claimed, Baghdad’s historical background and large supply of oil should see the city regain its former position of a great metropolis. Personally, I pray that Baghdad, and Iraq in general, will return to normality soon.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Working conditions must be reviewed to retain talent

I write in reference to your article UAE jobseekers look for career development over salaries and perks (January 10): it is true that many professionals today care more about career advancement and professional gains than they do about salaries and compensation. Although job markets are satuated, the best candidates have the whole world before them, ready to welcome them.

That puts the onus on countries like the UAE to ensure conditions of work and service are reviewed periodically to retain top quality talent.

Name withheld by request

We should all do what we can to eliminate rubbish

I refer to your article Why plogging is the social media fitness craze that needs to catch on in the UAE (January 4): don’t teach people to pick up rubbish. Teach them not to throw it in the first place. I’m a regular plogger here in Dubai and it amazes me that people open their car doors and throw whole bags of rubbish out – and think it is normal.

What is more amazing is the look on people’s faces when they see me picking up rubbish. They just don’t understand why anybody would do that. But cleanliness is everyone’s responsibility.

Szilvia Olah, Dubai

I do it all the time when I am hiking or just out in a desert. Just carry an extra bag with you.

It is great that so many of us are doing this. Just a cursory online search for “plogging UAE” shows you how many people are involved in rubbish collecting.

Name withheld by request

People in the Middle East understand America

I refer to your article Mike Pompeo seeks to calm Gulf allies rattled by Donald Trump’s policy shifts (January 10): people in the Middle East understand America much better than Americans think they do.

The carrot and stick policy will not work any more. Arabs will respect an honest approach to their problems from the US administration. Goodwill is a two-way street based on mutual understanding.

Name withheld by request

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