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Here’s one way to deter applicants from exaggerating

Our readers have their say on jobseekers, Hezbollah, the cost of living in Abu Dhabi and the Arab-Israeli conflict

US President Donald Trump and King Abdullah II of Jordan at the White House. Olivier Douliery / EPA
US President Donald Trump and King Abdullah II of Jordan at the White House. Olivier Douliery / EPA

I write in response to your story UAE jobseekers who exaggerate CVs face three-year jail sentence (June 24): while it might indeed be true that many jobseekers in Dubai and elsewhere exaggerate their CVs just to gain an advantage over their competitors on paper, it is also undeniable that employers sometimes misbehave.

The best solution is to reduce the standard employment probation period from six months to a month or two, then terminate an employee’s contract if he or she is ineffective.

That would mean the employee has to bear the costs of hiring if their CV is proven to be false.

This will act as a strong deterrent because a jobseeker who keeps lying on his or her CV would be forced to shoulder the burden in the future when he or she is found to lack the skills highlighted in their resume.

Name withheld by request

Hezbollah seems bent on the pursuit of destruction

I write in reference to your front page story Hezbollah fighters killed in Yemen (June 26): what on earth is Hezbollah doing in Yemen? Is the group involved in training the Houthi rebels and supplying them with arms? Is the ongoing destruction of Iraq, Syria and Libya, along with decades of damage to Lebanon, not enough for them? It appears not. Again and again, it seems that Hezbollah’s leadership has no agenda aside from creating problems across the region.

Name withheld by request

Mali militants killing innocent people is utter cowardice

I write in reference to your article 36 dead in militia attack on village in central Mali (June 26): the utterly brutal attacks by militants who killed 36 innocent civilians in a village in Mali, West Africa, was rightly widely condemned. Ever since 2015, the United Nations peacekeeping mission and innocent civilians have been targeted. It is entirely unacceptable. This act was also a cowardly one as the militants made sure to attack when soldiers were absent. I hope clashes like these will come to an end.

K Ragavan, Denver

Abu Dhabi makes New York City look inexpensive

In reference to your online article Cost of living decreases for expats in Dubai and Abu Dhabi – compared to other cities (June 26), last summer we visited New York after living in Abu Dhabi for four years. It was the first time in my life that New York felt inexpensive.

Rick Hood, Indianapolis

US is not an honest negotiator in Arab-Israeli peace process

In reference to your article Trump meets King Abdullah and reveals ‘lot of progress’ made on peace talks (June 26), let’s not forget that the US gives billions to Israel every year.

Paul Woodlock, UAE

Updated: June 26, 2018 08:09 PM