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Greater awareness would avert tragedies on the roads

Our readers have their say on road safety, Thailand, Theresa May and libraries

Abu Dhabi Police are urging motorists to stay safe on the roads after sharing footage of a driver causing a pile-up. Courtesy Abu Dhabi Police
Abu Dhabi Police are urging motorists to stay safe on the roads after sharing footage of a driver causing a pile-up. Courtesy Abu Dhabi Police

In response to your online story Watch: Police send out safety warning after reckless driver causes three-car road smash (July 8), I have to say that so many drivers think that using the indicator is a right of way. I was once hit and when I asked the driver what he was doing, he said he had is indicator on. So I had to explain to him the rules of lane changing and the use and purpose of the indicator. I also had a taxi driver cut me off and I only just avoided hitting him. I managed to stop him and he also had an improper understanding of the indicator’s purpose.

I’ve heard countless stories from people of accidents caused by drivers thinking the indicator gave them the right to switch lanes. Drivers are not properly trained. More public awareness is needed.

Tom Plant, Abu Dhabi

It is a minor miracle that this accident wasn’t worse, especially for the car that was sent into a tailspin and careened across the highway. This video put out by The National should go viral so people stop getting to close to the car in front of them and cutting and switching lanes recklessly.

Feda Jarad, Abu Dhabi

Prayers and good wishes from Holland to Thailand

I write in response to your online coverage Thai cave rescue: mission enters second day - live updates (July 9): to all the rescuers and remaining boys, I’d like to say: Hold on and take care. We are all watching from Holland.

Michele de Winde, Holland

Sadly the internet is a constant threat to libraries

With reference to your article Dubai’s Old Library saved from closure after finding new premises (July 8): the internet is also sadly killing physical libraries.

Ahmed Shumayal, Al Ain

Buddhist-Muslim cooperation is always good to see

It is wonderful that the Buddhist and Muslim community volunteers have come together to set up community kitchens, to feed the rescue volunteers at the Tham Luang caves in Thailand. They are working together, accepting small donations from everyone and preparing up to 200 meals a day to feed the rescue workers. They are all united by the common mission of saving the 12 Thai children and their coach.

This kind of humanitarian comradery should continue for it can help to resolve many prickly issues, perhaps even the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Theresa May faces a fresh crisis after Boris’s resignation

I write in reference to your article UK Foreign Secretary quits over Brexit deal (July 10): after recent Brexit talks, the second high-profile cabinet minister to resign from Theresa May’s administration shocked us all. Boris Johnson’s departure comes at a difficult juncture for the UK. How Mrs May handles this crisis is the overarching question now dominating UK politics.

K Ragavan, Denver

Updated: July 10, 2018 08:31 PM