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Gandhi's technique might hold little sway with Israelis

Readers discuss the Palestinian cause, Star Wars, exotic animals, Abu Dhabi residency laws and more

Mahatma Gandhi practiced non-violence against British rule in India / AP
Mahatma Gandhi practiced non-violence against British rule in India / AP

I refer to Hussein Ibish's op-ed Palestinians need a Gandhi-like figure to front non-violent protests against Israeli rule (May 19): Mahatma Gandhi did use the techniques of non-violence and “satyagraha” effectively against the British to wage a battle for independence for India.

The techniques worked because the British too conducted themselves with some restraint. Arthur Koestler, a Hungarian-British author, once reminded readers that if the techniques of non-violence and non-cooperation had been applied against a more ruthless regime or a dictatorship, the results could have been different.

The regime would have just mowed down the protesters. If the Palestinians deploy non-violence, it will attract global attention to their cause. But we can only hope that it will also make Israel more amenable to talking to them.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Foreigners putting down roots could help the economy

I write in response to your editorial New laws could help foreign residents put down roots (May 19): having such a high number of foreign workers living in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the amendment of the residency law is expected to provide the large expatriate community much more certainty in their working life, perhaps even beyond retirement.

Along with a longer residency visa, the most beneficial part for parents would be that their children can continue with their education in the country itself and would be able to find a suitable placement.

At the same time, the extended term would also offer business potential for enthusiastic youngsters. As they are more accustomed to the local culture and traditions and the pulse of the local market, their entrepreneurial spirit would contribute to the economy as it creates new opportunities for them.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

The clinic that gives paws for thought on exotic animals

I refer to the article From sugar gliders to an ostrich: Abu Dhabi clinic has treated almost every animal by Anam Rizvi (May 19): the German Veterinary Clinic is indeed an amazing place with excellent staff.

Gus Kosta Bougadis, Abu Dhabi

In praise of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

Noor Nanji's article Ruler of Dubai launches construction of Dh394m Shindagha Bridge project (May 19) reminds us yet again that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President, UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, is a visionary leader who loves his country and his people. May God bless leaders like him.

Name withheld by request

ISIS is spreading its poisonous message online

I refer to your article Isis' message thrives online after crushing defeat on battlefield, Europe's Globsec security forum hears (May 19): this is a worrying new development of evil.

Name withheld by request

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