Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 18 June 2018

Free healthcare for the needy without insurance is great

Readers discuss health insurance and the Iran nuclear deal

Free health insurance will help many who lack adequate funds. Silvia Razgova / The National
Free health insurance will help many who lack adequate funds. Silvia Razgova / The National

In reference to your article Ministry of Health and Novartis to give free health care for expatriates (May 8), this is a fantastic announcement for all too many who lack such funds to care for loved ones. This is a great initiative and I hope it sets a precedent that others follow.

Ian Dolan, Dubai

This is a very good initiative for those who don’t have medical insurance.

Sammira Mohiadeen, Dubai

Iran is the key to resolving issues in Syria and Yemen

I refer to your timely editorial Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal creates an opportunity (May 9): you have done well to underscore that this is the time for a new treaty with Iran, which yields positive results and not illusions, in your timely editorial. A person or a country that is isolated or ostracised only tends to become more insular and aggressive. Iran is an important country and should not be marooned.

It has to be brought into the community of nations through dialogue. Iran is the key to resolving issues in Syria and Yemen. If the previous nuclear agreement did not deliver, by all means disband it.

However, as sensibly suggested by your editorial, replace it with another agreement that delivers. We live in an interconnected world, hence consensus is important. Unilateralism will not deliver peace to the world.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

In reference to your article Does deal exit mean Trump is eyeing regime change in Iran? (May 9), I would offer that talk of regime change is likely little more than posturing.

We are talking about a US president who lacks depth in understanding the Middle East, preferring instead to rely on whatever hardline policy options senior US officials or others present to him but even those trusted officials probably view actual regime change in Iran to be a less-than-viable option – or at least, that is the impression I get from observing the latest events.

DT Debye, Dubai

Praise for comprehensive Ramadan salary bonus

I refer to your article Government employees praise UAE Rulers for Ramadan salary bonus (May 6): thanks to the leaders of the UAE. May God grant them health, prosperity and happiness as they steer the nation forward.

Khamrayeva Nargiza, Dubai

Sad but true: money and power carry weight in India

Regarding your article Salman Khan to plead for leniency on antelope killing charge (May 7), I fear that Mr Khan will never do jail time. Money and power talk in India.

Darren Banner, Tasmania

Redevelopment should be in keeping with its surroundings

Regarding the story Cranleigh Abu Dhabi to remain ‘completely independent’ following change of owners (May 7): I sincerely hope they stick to the high-end construction and design of Saadiyat Island if they choose to redevelop the site.

Marian Garcia, Madrid