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Finally we have a US leader who puts Americans first

Our readers have their say about Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Mumbai infrastructure and mental health

Supporters cheer US President Donald Trump during a Make America Great Again rally in Richmond, Kentucky. Joshua Roberts / Reuters
Supporters cheer US President Donald Trump during a Make America Great Again rally in Richmond, Kentucky. Joshua Roberts / Reuters

I write in reference to your online article In spite of Donald Trump, the desire for US leadership on the international stage remains strong (October 12): Mr Trump has shown more strength, resolve and leadership than we have seen in years.

He is not the most eloquent speaker but actions speak louder than words. It’s admirable to see a US president who puts the interests of American citizens first for once.

The middle class is coming back and we are starting to resemble what we used to be. At least, that’s my view as an American.

Kathie Daniel, Dubai

Mumbai could learn from the UAE’s infrastructure

It is a sad reality that the creaky infrastructure of Mumbai in terms of roads and bridges is collapsing bit by bit.

Many of its bridges were built by the British more than 100 years ago.

While the city should be glad that 14 bridges and flyovers will soon be repaired, it is a pity that this repair was not undertaken over the year in a phased manner.

When bridges are closed suddenly, it causes an immense headache for all citizens.

Mumbai could learn many lessons from Dubai and the UAE in managing the traffic and urban infrastructure.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Nikki Haley was just doing the president’s bidding

I write in reference to your article Palestinians say goodbye to ‘worst ever’ US ambassador Nikki Haley (October 12): unfortunately she was just doing the work of US President Donald Trump. Maybe that’s why she stepped down – she couldn’t take it any longer.

Name withheld by request

Mental health is becoming a real threat to the young

I refer to Justin Thomas’s opinion piece World Mental Health Day: It really is good to talk (October 10): this article was an interesting read.

With today’s fast-paced lifestyles and rapidly changing world, the mental health of youngsters is taking a hit.

The UAE has paid special attention to creating a mental health infrastructure for more than 23 years, which is laudable.

On World Mental Health Day, global leaders should come forward to tackle this menace and save youngsters who are prone to its damaging symptoms.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

School fees are not always an indicator of quality

I refer to your article Abu Dhabi education report: how cheaper schools made it to the top in Adek inspections (October 12): I agree that the quality of a school is not necessarily reflected in the price of its fees.

I found that a new and expensive school in Dubai was not really up to the same standard as an older, cheaper school with teachers who had been there for years.

Farida Sadiq, Dubai

Updated: October 14, 2018 08:00 PM