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Emirati Women's Day celebrates forward thinking women who are pillars of the community

Emirati Women's Day, VAT, the US's foreign policy for Afghanistan, and a baby saved from a locked car

Dr Moza Ghobash, the Chairwoman of the Sheikha Shamsa bint Suhail Award for Creative Women. Photo Courtesy: Moza Ghobash
Dr Moza Ghobash, the Chairwoman of the Sheikha Shamsa bint Suhail Award for Creative Women. Photo Courtesy: Moza Ghobash

In praise of the country and Emirati Women’s Day

In reference to your comment piece on Emirati Women’s Day, It’s a great time to be a woman (August 28), I commend the UAE for producing strong female leaders and for supporting and encouraging women in general to be the best versions of themselves.

I have lived in Abu Dhabi for six years and as a Muslim woman from South Africa, I can honestly say that the world could learn from the example set by the UAE.

In my heart of hearts, I wish I had been born here so I may fulfill my potential as a strong, forward-thinking woman. Mabrook UAE women! Take the world by storm.

Razaan M Galiel, Abu Dhabi

VAT or no tax, don’t covet what you can’t afford

I refer to your article UAE’s VAT to be added onto shelf prices and not at checkouts (August 28). This is great news. You should look at an item and know if you can afford it immediately, and not have to do calculations every single time you look at an item.

Gianmaria Vidale, Dubai

We should establish the facts before attributing blame

I read your story Baby saved from locked car in Ajman (August 28) with interest. It is great to see that rescue teams are very efficient and swift to intervene in the UAE. Let us not rush into a blame game. Sometimes, vehicles have faulty systems and central locking goes wrong. This matter should also be addressed by the car industry in general.

Shaheen Jamaluddin, India

Your columnist made me ask some hard questions

I refer to David Rothkopf’s article, Trump was right to go after Pakistan, but his decision deepens regional faultlines (August 27).

Who was there when the

Soviets invaded Afghanistan, and who was there when Soviets retreated from Afghanistan? After that, the US did not control the situation in Afghanistan. The answer, the same Taliban who were created by the US. They now want Pakistan to go after the Taliban? Pakistan carried out several operations to get rid of them, yet they want Pakistan to do more? The Taliban is in Afghanistan, not in Pakistan.

Shah Khan, Pakistan

Is Afghanistan another Vietnam moment for the US?

In reference to your opinion piece by Hussein Ibish (August 26), it is an unwinnable war for the US. What will several thousand additional soldiers do that 100,000 could not do?

Fayiz Khiliji, Riyadh

Our credit rating system needs further review

I am writing about Could you survive an interest rate hike in the UAE? (August 27). I earn Dh24,000 a month, owe nothing, yet I cannot get a car loan for Dh10,000 as I don’t bank with my employer’s bank and don’t work for an “approved company”.

The credit laws need further review.

Name withheld by request

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