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Egypt's mysterious bent pyramid is finally open to the public

Our readers have their say about the bent pyramid, selfies, World Cricket Cup, Serena Williams and smoking

The Bent pyramid of King Sneferu, on the west bank of the Nile River, south of Cairo. AFP
The Bent pyramid of King Sneferu, on the west bank of the Nile River, south of Cairo. AFP

I write to you in reference to your article Egypt opens Bent Pyramid to visitors for first time since 1965 (July 14). I got a glimpse of this oddly shaped pyramid on the horizon when I was visiting Egypt seven years ago. Although its structure is imperfect, this unique pyramid is truly breathtaking. I am glad they opened the site to visitors.

Rosemary Irons, Melbourne

We should enjoy the moment instead of rushing for selfies

I write to you in reference to Hayley Skirka's article Instagrammers are complaining about this beauty spot in Bali (July 14). From Instagram photos to selfies, nowadays travel pictures are only taken for us to get validation on social media instead of enjoying the beauty around us. We should be grateful that we are able to travel, and enjoy ourselves instead of worrying about likes and shares.

Russell Bartlett, UK

Congratulation to England for winning World Cup

I write to you in reference to Graham Caygill's article Ben Stokes and England can build on Cricket World Cup final triumph to dominate ODI landscape (July 15). Ben stokes's wonderful performance led England to a tie against Kiwis. The host team, England, were very lucky when their boundaries were counted, as it appeared that their number was higher than that of the New Zealand team. This meant England were bestowed with the Cricket World Cup in a dramatic development. This Sunday cricket fans enjoyed a wonderful match from both teams. Ultimately only one of the two can be the winner and I believe England truly did deserve that victory. I would like to congratulate England Captain Eoin Morgon and his team members for this striking win.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Only delusional men believe they can take on a legend

I write to you in reference to Steve Luckings's article 'Delusional': One in eight men believe they could win a point against Serena Williams (July 14). These comments only illustrate the extent to which many men feel threatened by female athletes. Serena Williams has nothing to prove to these people, she is already one of the greatest tennis players out there.

Shannon Lett, Dubai

Higher prices will bring down number of smokers in the UAE

I write to you in reference to Daniel Bardsley's article UAE smokers: Call for aggressive steps to stub out habit as heart disease soars among Emirati men (July 14). This is probably because cigarette packs are only Dh9 here in the UAE. In the UK, the same pack costs around Dh60. Making cigarettes more expensive might be the solution.

Claire Wyness, Abu Dhabi

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