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Educate children about healthy eating habits

Childhood obesity and diabetes rates continue to climb globally. Alex Segre / Alamy Stock Photo
Childhood obesity and diabetes rates continue to climb globally. Alex Segre / Alamy Stock Photo

I refer to your article, Would you wear clothes designed by McDonald’s? (July 24). There is a clear motive behind McDonald's latest Big Mac onesie and French fry-themed sweat shirts. The problem is that some people are always going to buy them, thereby promoting junk food. We are already facing a health crisis thanks to these franchises. It’s time we help our children inculcate healthy eating habits. It’s only through education that we can dissuade our children from falling into their traps.

Ameer Hussein, Dubai

Modi’s initiatives are good, but not always effective

I appreciate prime minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to modernise India (Modi tackles India’s problems one smartphone app at a time, July 24), but a lot of his initiatives are causing great problems for the public, as they are being implemented hurriedly without being tested. The e-payment system and demonetisation are just some examples. I am sure the tax filing app is going to be no different. I paid my income tax through this app, yet I still got a notice from the income tax department. This is really frustrating. There is no point of experimenting with ideas at the expense of the public.

Name withheld by request

Vets are responsible for reporting cheetah owners

I refer to the article, Sanctuaries in Africa offer to take exotic pets from UAE following amnesty (July 27). I have seen a few vet clinics proudly marketing themselves by advertising that they treat exotic animals. They usually use photos of wild cats. These clinics can and should report these animal owners to authorities. The question is, how are cheetahs getting into the UAE?

Jacqueline Craig, Dubai

Students have plenty of time to pay back loans

In reference to your news report, Oman students face bleak future with crippling academic loans (July 27), repaying loans is tough, but three years or so is not a lifetime when they are investing in themselves. Many people across the world take out academic loans to advance their professional goals.

Rjj Saraiva, Abu Dhabi

It’s sad. Our children are fortunate that they didn't have to incur debt before they began their lives.

Tanya Milbourne, Abu Dhabi

Updated: July 29, 2017 05:24 PM