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Dubai’s taxi service is one of the best in the world, as is its public transport

Our readers have their say about Dubai taxis, spending sensibly and the legacy of Jacinda Ardern

Dubai taxis are proof that the city's public transport system is excellent. Pawan Singh / The National
Dubai taxis are proof that the city's public transport system is excellent. Pawan Singh / The National

I write in reference to your article Dubai taxis clock up 25 years and a billion passengers (January 4): that Dubai’s taxis have ferried up to one billion passengers and made more than 680 million trips over the past 25 years is just eye-popping. All world-class cities have excellent public transport facilities that are complemented by adequate infrastructure – from good roads to cashless payment systems – and in this aspect, Dubai is right up there with the world’s best metros.

While these statistics prove that Dubai is indeed a thriving economic centre – after all, people mostly use public transport on weekdays to go to work – they also drive home the importance of developing an environmental consciousness. The more people use public transport, the better for air quality.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Let the new decade be about responsible personal spending

I write in reference to Nima Abu Wardeh’s article How the 1 per cent rule can transform your savings pot one step at a time (January 3): as we enter a new decade and strive for the future, I read a lot about “AfterPay” which seems to be of great benefit especially to its shareholders. I have decided to reintroduce a well-established concept, “BeforePay”, which has been in use for a long time and the benefits will help our economy.

The concept is simple and very popular with older people: you save money and then buy what you need or even what you want. There are no interest costs or fees for late payments as you cannot forget any payments.

Perhaps we all need to be realistic and take the sensible approach – although some items such as cars or houses might need to be bought with bank assistance. With so many people in need, it might also be worth considering the idea of only buying what we need rather than what we want and giving to charities. Give now. Karma will repay you later.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne

Jacinda Ardern is known all over the world – not just in New Zealand

I write in reference to Shelina Janmohamed’s article Attempts are on to airbrush Jacinda Ardern out of history – because she is a woman (January 2): too late – we all know her outside of New Zealand.

Name withheld by request

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