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Driver behaviour needs to change to make roads safer

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A reader calls on drivers to abide by the rules.
A reader calls on drivers to abide by the rules.

One of the biggest causes of accidents here is not knowing what other drivers are going to do next (How much does it cost to use your car’s indicators in the UAE?, August 16). The reluctance to use of indicators is appalling, because it costs lives.

Best-practice driving is “mirror, signal, manoeuvre”. The majority of drivers only do “manoeuvre” -- and usually at excessive speed, while tailgating the car in front and using a mobile phone. This is completely irresponsible behaviour. It needs to change.

Michael Dowds, Dubai

Death of a child in Spanish attack is heartbreaking

The news of that a little boy died in the Barcelona terrorist attack is absolutely heartbreaking (Spain attacks: Missing 7-year-old boy Julian Cadman confirmed dead, August 21). I'm still trying to understand why terrorists think driving cars randomly into innocent groups of people will benefit them in any way whatsoever.

Suzanne Arruda-Wessel, Dubai

Give priority to safety, not comfort

I think drivers should switch off their car engines while refilling at the petrol station (Abu Dhabi petrol station attendants praised for fighting fire after supercar bursts into flames, August 21). I don’t think anybody is going to suffer a great deal without the air-conditioning for a few minutes. The same applies to the use of mobile phones: you are supposed to switch off your phone at a petrol station. Safety should be our priority, not comfort.

Violeta Amet, Abu Dhabi

The Adnoc staff deserve a pat on their back. These brave people should feel proud of the lives they may well have saved.

Alexandra Butler, Abu Dhabi

Abayas and hijabs are losing their essence

Designer abayas and kaftans rob the essence from these garments (Abayas and kaftans from Dolce & Gabbana’s latest collection now at Mall of the Emirates, August 15). It’s sad that we allow such important things from our culture to continue to be used for marketing.

Amina Bashir, UK

There should be no specific age for retirement

Some people need to work. Some people like to work. (I've been told UAE private sector jobs are not available after age 59. Is it true?, August 17.) I think there should be no age limit for working. I know some brilliant doctors who worked until their last breath, helping people and teaching students. Putting an age limit to this type of knowledge cannot be a good idea.

Irshad Valli, Abu Dhabi

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