Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 July 2019

Does radio entertain anyone anymore?

Old is gold...except if it gets boring. Getty Images
Old is gold...except if it gets boring. Getty Images

I refer to your article, How the voices of Radio 1 and 2 find ways to relate to the UAE audience (July 30). I can’t listen to the radio anymore. There are times when the presenters’ annoying banter drives me into a fit of road rage. Never mind the repeated playlist every three hours and the lack of variety from day to day. iTunes suits me just fine.

Daniella How, Dubai

I can’t bear listening to vacuous updates on the love lives of celebrities I have never heard of, never mind the ones whose names I do recognise.

Kate Hart, Dubai

Catboy and Alyssa on Dubai 92’s Breakfast show are my favourites. I love them. They always make me laugh on the way to school in the morning.

Catherine Sallah, Dubai

It was great when they had no DJs and just played music. Today, not so much.

John Taylor, Dubai

Qatar crossed all limits by giving sanctuary to the Taliban

Everyone knows how dangerous and harmful the Taliban are (Qataris must stop spoiling their Taliban guests if they are serious about their pledges to the US, July 27). So why did Qatar entertain them for so long? It should have expelled them from the country a long time ago. Any country or organisation creating a mess in the region should be dealt with harshly.

Moaz Bhutta, Dubai

This is more proof that Qatar supports terrorists. It’s sad that Qatar gave refuge to Taliban militants who killed scores of innocent people, including women and children. Shame on Qatar.

Ahmad KM, Dubai

Hospitals should not be allowed to withhold passports

In reference to your article, Bangladeshi wants to die at home but cannot afford return of passport (July 29), why is the hospital even allowed to keep his passport? He was taken to hospital for emergency treatment. There should be a law that supports his case. If companies cannot keep passports, the same should apply to hospitals. They will get the Dh38,000 from him, but he shouldn’t be singled out like that. Anyone admitted for an emergency should be treated free of charge, end of story.

Ahmed Eva, Abu Dhabi

There has to be a better way to resolve such issues. Withholding his passport isn’t going to make the money appear.

Rgna Cordell, Abu Dhabi

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