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Do skin-lightening creams perpetuate racism?

Our readers have their say on skin colour, schools reopening, a reminder of Ghayathi and a walk down memory lane

Johnson & Johnson will discontinue its Clean & Clear Fairness and Neutrogena Fine Fairness ranges in the Middle East. Instagram / Neutrogena Middle East
Johnson & Johnson will discontinue its Clean & Clear Fairness and Neutrogena Fine Fairness ranges in the Middle East. Instagram / Neutrogena Middle East

Condolences on the passing of Hatem Nusseibeh

With reference to Lina Sinjab's article Hatem Nusseibeh: The Total executive who left a mark beyond his field (June 20): may he rest in peace. He was always smiling.

Dina Karrar, Paris, France

Schools reopening have parents divided

Regarding Simon Rushton's piece Education chiefs briefed on reopening educational institutions in September (June 21): it will be a challenge wearing masks all day long. And even play wearing them! Experts have advised in the past too about the effects of wearing masks for too long (on lungs).

Monika Arora Agarwal, Dubai

Schools need to open. Children can’t learn from home. It is not the same. Mental health will be a bigger problem than the virus if this continues for much longer.

Jasmine Mckean, Abu Dhabi

By keeping schools closed the female workforce is discriminated against. Most mothers will have to stay home and look after the children as usually the husband is the breadwinner. It is a step backwards for women’s rights.

Natasha Hawkes, Dubai

If schools can give parents an option if they want to send their children to school or not, that would be great for all. Those who prefer to stay home can continue e-learning. We spent four months and will continue educating our children on how to socially distance and sanitise. I am sure most of them will do perfectly once they are back in school.

Jamila Amisafi, Dubai

Skin-lightening creams should not be necessary

With reference to Emma Day's piece Johnson & Johnson to stop selling skin-lightening creams in the Middle East (June 20): good. These creams are ridiculous and the reason they were created is that the "lighter" you look the better you look, which just perpetuates the subconscious racism.

Mike Bruski, Dubai

Happy that the company made this decision. It’s a step in the right direction

Yasmin Lear, Dubai

If they are good to remove dark spots and scarring caused by acne then it is unfair to stop the product for those people.

People should be allowed to make that choice to buy it for themselves.

Saadias Halim, Dubai

Good to read about greening the desert

I write to you regarding John Dennehy’s article The man who turned the UAE's desert green (December 29, 2019): I have only just seen it while going down memory lane and searching the internet for articles about Ghayathi. I was tree planting there from 1976 to 1978.

Thank you for publishing the article and to John Dennehy for writing it. It is wonderful that David Pryce revisited Ghayathi after working there so many years ago.

Nick Phillips, Kent, UK

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