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Dhadak shows the curse of casteism is entrenched in India

Our readers have their say about the latest movie release, the Founder's Memorial and Israeli settlements

Ishaan Khattar and Janhvi Kapoor in Dhadak. Courtesy IMDB
Ishaan Khattar and Janhvi Kapoor in Dhadak. Courtesy IMDB

In reference to your movie review Dhadak makes a gritty story glossy which was a bad decision (July 20), the newly released Indian film on casteism sheds light on the growing menace that is dividing Indian society.

The problem itself, although it is not new, harks back to the days of the British Raj, which eventually caused the schism of greater Hindustan into three countries – India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

But India’s obsession with religion and casteism has reached new levels. Not only are Muslims targeted but minority groups, especially Dalits, have borne the brunt of right-wing factions, particularly since the BJP came to power.

And greater Hindustan, firmly split into three – more for religious reasons than political or nationalist aspirations – is still bearing the stigma of the tensions that led the split.

Dhadak shows how such divisiveness has not abated, despite India claiming global ascendancy in trade and tourism. A love story that blossoms between a rich girl and a Dalit ends in tragedy as the political family refuses to accept the boy.

It is a brave effort by the director. Inter-religious tensions have recurred in many countries, including Ireland, Rwanda and North and South Korea but in India it seems that casteism is entirely entrenched. It represents a serious danger in the country.

A R Modak, Johannesburg

The Founder’s Memorial is a milestone in the UAE’s history

I write in reference to your online article UAE Founder’s Memorial attracts 28,000 visitors since opening (July 29): your article on the recently opened memorial to the late founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed, in Abu Dhabi was good to read.

The fact that it has already attracted thousands of visitors is no wonder. Also, the fact that the memorial opened during the Year of Zayed is important.

In addition there are more cultural tours being held in the UAE and shows glorifying Sheikh Zayed’s legacy.

The memorial has already become one of Abu Dhabi’s main landmarks and marks a real milestone in the UAE’s history.

K Ragavan, Denver

Dialogue, not guns and knives, can usher in peace

In reference to your article Israel to build new settler homes after deadly knife attack (July 28), such myopic acts will only aggravate the situation there. Israel can bring peace in the region for its own good and prosperity in the region.

A move towards justice and peace will see the end of hostility. Guns and knives are not the solution of the problem, negotiations are.

Name withheld by request

Updated: July 28, 2018 08:13 PM