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Damage to Taj Mahal is heartbreaking

Our readers have their say about the Taj Mahal, travel during the pandemic, Hazza Al Mansouri, and US protests

The Taj Mahal has been damaged due to a thunderstorm. AFP
The Taj Mahal has been damaged due to a thunderstorm. AFP

I write to you in reference to your article Taj Mahal damaged in deadly Indian thunderstorm (May 31). This article about the damage caused to one of India's most popular tourist destination, and an iconic symbol of the country, was difficult to read. The Taj Mahal had already been suffering due to Covid-19-related restrictions, preventing tourists from visiting it. Now the beautiful landmark has been damaged by a heavy thunderstorm. One day, things will get better I hope.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

The UAE response to the coronavirus is praiseworthy

I write to you in reference to Razmig Bedirian's article 'It suited Ramadan': Yusuf Islam praises UAE’s 'well controlled' response to Covid-19 (May 31). I totally agree. The UAE leadership has been great during this difficult time and has steered the nation in the right direction.

Anita Radhu, Abu Dhabi

Hazza Al Mansouri continues to inspire us during the pandemic

I write to you in reference to Sarwat Nasir's article SpaceX launch to ISS ‘flawless’, say UAE officials (May 31). This means a lot coming from the UAE. The astronaut Major Hazza Al Mansouri became the first Emirati to travel to space in September of last year, taking the country's ambitious space programme to new heights.

Paolo Maria Monti, Rome

In the coronavirus era, airlines too must adapt

I write to you in reference to your article Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia sets passenger temperature threshold for airline travel (May 31).

This is a good decision, however I believe this policy should have been implemented as soon as instant-read thermometers became reliable and accurate. It should remain that way forever, and airlines should also refund the cost of a sick person's ticket.

Mark Roberts, US

People should be outraged by George Floyd's death, not protests

I write to you with reference to your editorial Justice for George Floyd: Americans must break the cycle of violence (May 31).

There seems to be more outrage over the protests themselves than over the fact that a man was brutally murdered. This says a lot about our society.

The fact that the protest are more of an issue than a man's life is exactly the reason why these demonstrations are happening in the first place.

Sàdé Chantal Shariff, Dubai

Updated: June 1, 2020 03:10 PM



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