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Coronavirus: the UAE is doing a great job, helping others too

Our readers have their say on UAE doing a great job tackling the virus, the emotional toll of isolation, Benny Gantz and AI

Emirates Corona Virus medical aid heading to Iran out of WHO Emergency hub from Dubai. AFP
Emirates Corona Virus medical aid heading to Iran out of WHO Emergency hub from Dubai. AFP

Regarding the report Coronavirus: UAE sends aid to Iran to support fight against Covid-19: See, now this is what we should be doing, helping each other out. Very well done, UAE. That is the right spirit. We are all in this together.

Tanya Milbourne, Dubai

Generosity is needed in times like these. I must say the UAE government is doing great job of making us feel safe and protected.

Vicent Mukooza, Dubai

May Gantz bode well for the country but also for the people of Palestine

With reference to the editorial Gantz has a historic opportunity (March 17): In the past year, Israel politics has been in disarray. None of the politicians have demonstrated the right leadership qualities or come up with fitting solutions that prioritise the welfare of the people. Despite his earlier tenure as prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, now mired in corruption charges, has failed this time to secure a majority. Let's hope the Palestinian people have better luck with Gantz in office.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Are people upfront about their travel itineraries at spas?

Regarding Sarwat Nasir's report Coronavirus: Dubai closes all massage parlours and spas (March 15): “To ensure and avoid the spread of the virus, we are currently not accepting clients who have recently travelled to China, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Japan.” I wondered how they will know if someone travelled or not? It is entirely possible that people can simply not tell the truth.

Beata Bisht, Dubai

With regard to Rhodri Marsden's piece The AI pop star: could we soon be worshipping singers made up entirely of algorithms? (March 16): if they create some AI DJs, that's not a skill really. Real human musicians with real instruments handcraft music. Otherwise it is just an algorithm.

Stefan Wieland, Dubai

The travails of isolation as France shuts down too

With reference to Colin Randall's report Coronavirus: France announces near total lockdown as European outbreak worsens (March 16): France has shut down all public places 'non-essential' to public life, including restaurants and cafes, although allowing tobacconists to stay open. Restaurants are essential for the French as are coffee shops for the Italians and sports grounds for Australians. But now it is vital now to try to stop the spread of the virus by reducing contact between people. Everyone is doing a great job to protect the physical health of the people, but we shouldn't forget the mental health as well. If everyone is ‘effectively’ isolated, it will be hard for many to cope with the isolation.

Let's bunker down for a while and hope all is well and remember to stay calm as best as we can.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia

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