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Consumerism is the 21st century killer of our planet

Readers discuss India, Steven Spielberg, plastic and stress

A small sea horse grabs onto floating garbage in Indonesia. Justin Hofman
A small sea horse grabs onto floating garbage in Indonesia. Justin Hofman

In reference to your story Researchers accidentally create plastic-eating enzyme (April 17), why not have only jute bags and charge for them (as is done already) but also ban all plastic bags, big and small?

Customers should just bring their own bags with them, whether recycled, fabric or jute, or have to purchase a jute bag at the counter.

And yes, ban all single-use plastic and pointless wrappings. Consumerism is the 21st century killer of our planet.

Margarita Larcheva, Russia

The killing of a child breaks every law of decency

I refer to your story In India, Modi’s silence after brutal acts risks a political backlash (April 16): the recent rape and killing of an eight-year-old child in the volatile Kashmiri valley has broken every law of decency and rule of engagement in the book and has shocked citizens in India and the diaspora.

The Modi administration, under whose watch communal tensions have risen, has made little comment on a situation that echoes pre-partition battles. The incident, perpetrated in a sanctified area of a temple, has evoked anger in every facet of Indian society, with calls for the arrest of the accused largely ignored by a partisan pro-BJP police.

With rape statistics in India already among the highest in the world, lawmakers who have seen no drop in cases, even after the much-publicised gang rape and murder of a Delhi student, will have to petition the central government for the introduction of harsher sentences to stem this menace, now used as a political statement in the ongoing rivalry between Hindus and Muslims.

AR Modak, Johannesburg

Spielberg’s world war opus will delight fans like me

I write in reference to your article Steven Spielberg joins the DC Universe with Blackhawk film (April 19): this was an extremely interesting read. The remarkable director Steven Spielberg, known for his extraordinary films including Jaws, Munich, Jurassic Park and others, is now going to produce and perhaps direct an action adventure film about Second World War pilots in his own inimitable style.

This is something to look forward to during a tough period for Hollywood. The news was announced by Warner Bros chairman Toby Emmerich and the proposed Blackhawk film will no doubt have Mr Spielberg’s directorial touch and technical excellence.

It is fantastic news for Mr Spielberg’s fans, of which I am a huge one.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

There are many different ways to help with stress relief

In reference to your story Why native tongues can be the key to stress relief (April 20), in addition to language, supporting people to learn to access the faculties and knowledge of their bodies can also help. Sometimes we need to quietly tune into our interior life more than we need any language.

Jyotsna Uppal, Singapore

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