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Combating climate change is a complex issue

Our readers have their say about the environment, breast cancer and Shamima Begum

Protesters take part in a demonstration organised by the 'yellow vests' movement in Paris, France, February 16, 2019. Reuters
Protesters take part in a demonstration organised by the 'yellow vests' movement in Paris, France, February 16, 2019. Reuters

I write in reference to your article titled France passes ‘anti-hooligan’ law to curb violent protests (February 13).

The yellow vest demonstrations have been criticised for their violence as well as for undermining the fight against climate change but I have some sympathy for them. That is not to say that climate change is an unimportant issue.

I believe the problem does not lie in the French government’s environmental policies but in its disregard for the hardships endured by a shrinking middle class. Not only would the burden of the proposed carbon tax have fallen on France’s middle class, it would have hit those living in rural and suburban areas hardest as they heavily rely on cars for transportation. President Emmanuel Macron cannot expect those who can least afford it to finance his environmental policies.

Any carbon tax revenues should be put to use finding affordable, eco-friendly alternatives for those who struggle to pay it. Instead, taxpayers will barely receive any help in return. This issue is not particular to France and stands to prove that we need structural changes in environmental policies.

Rejecting the carbon tax does not equate with a refusal of green policies, it simply implies that combating climate change should not exclusively weigh on the shoulders of those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Muhannad Alramlawi, Abu Dhabi

Early detection can save lives

I write to you regarding Salam Al Amir’s article Famous faces pledge their support to UAE breast cancer fight (February 14): I was very fortunate to receive outstanding care at a UAE hospital and fought breast cancer.

I would like to remind everyone that early detection can truly save lives. It’s crucial that women get all the help that they can to battle this disease in its early stages.

Regina Fayed, UAE

Begum must give the UK information about Isis

I write in reference to Damien McElroy’s article MI6 warns of ‘very dangerous’ Shamima Begum-style returnees (February 15).

If the UK is to allow Shamima Begum to come back,

she has to provide the authorities with intelligence about ISIS.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Updated: February 17, 2019 06:50 PM